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Family Ski Vacation Out West in Late March

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I’m looking for suggestions on where to go out West for a family ski vacation sometime during the last 2 weeks in March.

1) Someplace we’re reasonably well assured of good condition; if we want to ski marginal conditons in the rain, we can do that much closer to home without the hassle of flying. I’m trying to use frequent flier miles, so I last minute plans are not an option.

2) Kids ages 16 and 12 ski, but Mom doesn’t, so it would be nice if there were other things to see or do nearby. She enjoys hiking and photography, so there does not have to be extensive shopping or sightseeing (she's enjoyed our trips to Jay Peak, and I can't imagine anyplace else with less to do nearby). Two places I've been, Taos and Banff (Lake Louis/Sunshine) would be great in that regard, but I've heard late season conditions are somewhat of a crap shoot.

3) A ski school with a teen program. My kids and I ski together 15-20 days a year, and aside from improving our skills, taking lessons (usually just half-day) gives each of us a rare opportunity to ski with our peers. Based on my experience here in the East, a lot of areas don’t run these programs midweek late in the season. While she has always enjoyed and gotten a great deal out of ski lessons, my 16 year old would be less than thrilled spending a week with a bunch of people twice her age.

4) Don’t need ski in/ski out accommodations or anything partcularly luxurious, but would like to stay someplace not exorbitantly expensive within a 20 minute drive of the mountain.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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I'd suggest going high at that time of year to have the best opportunity for good conditions. Utah, Colorado. In CO, I'd recommend the Summit County area for altitude reasons.
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To echo ssh on this one, UT & CO(Summit County) would be the obvious choices given the paramaters. If it's at all possible with your Frequent Flyer program I would wait until a week out or so and check the forcast.
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We've been to Steamboat the last two years at the end of March and have a trip booked again this year. Spring skiing is wonderful in Colorado. You can have new powder and bluebird days...what more could you ask for? Last year we had 20 inches in 2 days and then glorious sunshine after that. It was awesome and the champagne powder is what they're know for at Steamboat.

Steamboat has an awesome ski school for kids of all ages. You can sign up for one day or any number of days. They also have ski school for adults. The instructors are wonderful and the kids will have a great time skiing with their peers.

The mountain is about 3 miles away from town. Just about every condo has a shuttle bus to take you to the slopes or to town. There are FREE city buses that will take you to town and back to your condo. You don't have to stay ski in/ski out to have a wondeful time.

You can fly into Denver and rent a car (3 1/2 hours to Steamboat) or fly direct into Hayden and either rent a car or take the shuttle to your resort.

You won't find nicer people, a great town with a Western flare, or better snow anytime of the year!
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Late Marchout West

Garylk, Another possibility Mammoth. Great skiing anytime in March, 8600 foot elevation at base. Good instructor - pupil ratio that time of year and special clinics and park is really BIG and varied. Town is pretty big for shopping, varied restauraqnts etc. Hot springs for wife 30 min drive. In late March she can visit by car or bike several very scenic areas with a 15 min drive. Take a look at Mammoth web site, lot of Mountain, lots of Condo's all price ranges. If you choose to stary in town you are only 15 min drive to the Main Lodge and less to the other access points. If you decide on Mammoth. Send me a detailed questionaire and I'll do my best to answer all you questions. I've gone to Mammoth the 2nd week of March for 25 years to the Fire/Police races. If you've never been there it might be another alternative to CO. Good luck and skiing.
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Don't give up on Sunshine for March

Just to weigh in, Sunshine can often still have winter conditions towards the end of March, and Lake Louise is usually pretty good at that time of year as well. Remember the season here doesn't end until mid to late May. The only complication would be that the last week in March is the local school holiday, so you would find a fair number of folks on the slopes.
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