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I'm pretty caught up in snow right now. I usually catch the news and that's it. I'll have to start paying attention.
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how I almost skied at tyrol basin

Stopped in Mon. evening after coming back from some good days in the U.P. Decided we were too tired and too late to ski. had to see an iceboater in the area next day. Stayed at the Chalet Landhaus and finally found a hot tub that worked great-we needed that. Would definitely go back to stay and ski. Nice place!
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I'm usually out of town on winter weekends but we train Tuesdays and Thursday nights.
There's a shortcut to Tyrol from the Landhaus. It's less than a half hour.
Go into town and take County O. It becomes G in Dane County about 3 miles out of town. Follow G to a triangle intersection with County A. Stay on G and after A cuts off to the right take the next left on LaFollette Rd. When it ends about a mile or so, go left on Britt Valley Rd about 300 yards to JG. Turn right on JG and go about two or three miles to Sandrock Rd. Turn left. Take it until you come into Mt Horeb and Business 18-151. Turn left and stay on the old road past where it joins the four lane at Hwy 78. About a mile past 78 there is a sign for County E with a left arrow. Turn right. It goes about two miles and winds down into the valley and ends at a stop sign. Turn right for about 100 yards and turn left on Bohn Rd. Tyrol is just around the next corner on Bohn.
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