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Solitude: Headwall Forest, & Honeycomb.

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Hi all!

I will be taking the family to Utah next month, & we are staying in Solitude, but plan to ski several other mountains during the week.

My question is this: How advanced, or at what level should I be before heading into Headwall or Honeycomb.

I ask, because my two kids are scared of nothing, and after looking at the trail map, will most likely head off into both of these areas.

Just looking for a heads up, as I will be the one following this year.

Thanks a bunch
and Happy New Year

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Honeycomb Canyon

If you are an advanced skier you should be fine in either of these areas. I'm more familiar with Honeycomb Canyon but have skied Headwall Forest as well.

If skiing Honeycomb Canyon, resist heading straight down the middle (boring intermediate run). If you traverse high and to the left don't take your first shot down Black Bess but rather head out further to Voltaire or Prince of Wales...you can extend your run by taking a shot and then gravity traversing to your next aspect and so on. Eventually you will hit the run-out...but you are not done. On the left of the run-out is another traverse (marked) to No Man's Land...it's tight and somewhat hairy but will get you to some sweet pow...many skiers bypass this.

On the right side of HC, after a short hike, you'll find a variety of really nice tree runs.

To access the Black Forest and Here be Dragons...take the Powder Horn chair and drop in from Eagle Ridge...lotsa good stuff!

I'll defer to others here regarding the Headwall Forest

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Thanks for the great info. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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I found Headwall Forest to be one of the best places to keep powder after a storm especially if there was warm sun. I really enjoyed Solitude.
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If you ski down on either side right next to the Honeycomb lift it is pretty steep, and not really very good terrain. If you access from the Summit Lift at the top of the canyon and ski down the bottom it is an intermediate run (as noted by scjoll). If you traverse either side of the canyon from the top or enter through any of the gates it is definitely "expert" terrain, but generally nothing too radical unless the snow conditions are extremely bad.

Headwall Forest is generally steeper and tigher trees (except for the chutes) than Honeycomb, and you need to plan your runout or you may be climbing uphill to get back to the lift. Parachute and the double blacks across the valley should not be skied unless you know what you are doing because they have some absoultely "no fall" areas that are potentially dangerous if you are not on your game.

I think you and your boys will enjoy Solitude. It is a fun area too explore.
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