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How is Magic Mountain this year?

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Anyone been to Magic Mtn in VT recently? How is it shaping up?

I have never been, but have read some great reviews and am hoping to hit it sometime in the next couple of weeks.
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I've never been to Magic, but be aware that almost all of VT got hit by rain a few days ago. Mad River Glen used the term "atrocious" to describe their ungroomed terrain after the rain / thaw / refreeze. You might want to wait a while to visit Magic if you're going to check out their ungroomed stuff.
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Thanx for the update KevinF. I love a mountain willing to admit to bad conditions. MRG's web site today says "the ungroomed terrain is a bit 'hairy' and 'challenging' ". I particularly like this phrase (also from today's conditions): "We have been able to re-open some of the expert terrain on the lower single, but it is certainly tough skiing, the kind of conditions that make Mad River skiers great."

Weather reports show some snow later this week. Doesn't look like enough to make it all better though. Guess I will definately wait a while.
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i have not been to magic this year, but common knowledge from regular magic skiers is the mountain is best after a fresh dump. rock skis are a good idea until they have a really deep base. the mountain leaves most of its trails open and leaves it up to the skier to make the call, they way it should be but since they rely so heavily on natural snow, i tend to hold off until they get a good dump. then you pretty much have a private powder day with no competition.
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I skied on their opening weekend this year. We skied on sunday and clearly noone had been there. We skied on about 3 feet of pow since it was two storms stacked up over time. Of course below the three feet of pow was nothing and as a result if you did not have something 90mm + it was risky. I was on my pocket rockets and had the time of my life. When we bought our tickets they said 20 people were on the hill that day. Buckethead who was with us and on his Fischer 76's damaged his skis pretty bad. For experts Magic has some really entertaining terrain. For intermediates pretty nice groomers. Its kind of a rundown mountain but its cheap and noone is there. For weekend Pow NOTHING beats it.
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I just looked at their trail map, haven't been there since the late 80s. What happened to the Timberside trails -- are those no longer open?
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nope. that side of the mountain was sold off. a lot of snow mobilers utilize it now. the lift is essentially gone.
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Huh, that's too bad. Timberside was the first place I ever skied with grass, sticks, saplings, etc... poking through the snow. I had a lot of fun over there.
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