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Waffle Haus (House)

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I was at Stowe this past week, and atopthe gondola there is this little place, and the smell fills the whole unload area. So, I tried a waffle. These things are good. Everyone should try one!
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The smell is so strong and so good, you almost don't have to eat one.
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They have them around Killington and the one I'm near the most seems to burn their waffles or the chocolate they put on them is burning....anyway, I got so grossed out by the smell, I'll never be able to have one....bah!
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One at botttom of stratton's gondola too, smelled very good.
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This is the second year Okemo has had one above the Sugar House. The mountain does not own the Waffle House, they just lease the space to the owner.
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THere must be one at every VT resort - I've seen them at Snow and Killington - I mean - smelled them
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My kid loves 'em. Thanks for the info Max. I was wondering of they were ski area owned and operated.
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My kids loved the one at Snow. The smell is very tempting.
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There's even one at Wachusett now. They don't open til like 9:30AM though which is a pain. I'd probably grab one every weekend if they opened at 8:30 as it's right next to where I meet my students at 9:00.

They're pretty good in a gross discusting sort of way.

By they are still lightyears behind Beaver Tails (Queue Du Castor) at Mt. Tremblant. Fried dough in every concievable flavor from maple sugar to pizza. Yummmmmmm.
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I love waffle haus waffles (had one at my killington outing last year). ANyone know how to make one comparable to those?
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They are good but can make you sick. Last season I had one or two every day I skiied. This season i've only had a few in total.
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Oh yea, def something to eat sparingly. Like any food that isn't healthy, eat on occasion and generally when you're feeling pretty good.
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Do you all know that Pico has had one for years. It's in the set of bldg's between the parking lot and the ticket windows. The kids used to stop there after there race was done. That's goin back to about 1997. I haven't been to Pico in a couple of years, but I'll bet it's still there.
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Every time I ski I have one. Don't try em you'll be hooked!!
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I tried one at Kmart last week.
They smell wayyyyyy better than they taste.
I will go back to enjoying the aroma only.
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Originally Posted by Stache
I tried one at Kmart last week.
They smell wayyyyyy better than they taste.
I will go back to enjoying the aroma only.
I agree, the taste isn't as good as the smell.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
I agree, the taste isn't as good as the smell.
I can't stand the smell - so I'll never try one.... bleh!
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As you can see one of these suckers can pretty much be dropped anywhere they want.
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The smell is MIND CONTROL!!! They are extremely expensive though, last year they were $3, now that demand and odor has increased, they are a wallet-busting $3.75.

I love them though, at Stratton if you show up at the right time they will give you a slightly burnt one free.
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I eat tons of um. So good! I would reccomend not paying an extra 50 cents on chocolate topping alot better with out it anyways.
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See, if you mention "Waffle Haus" far enough south, it becomes Waffle House, the ever-present scion of interstate off-ramps. And I'd guess that the southern version is more likely to induce heartburn than the northern "cousin."

The way I approach the Waffle Haus? Share one with a friend.
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All I have to say on the sugar and grease front is

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