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Hi, first post here by someone stuck in Florida for the time being but not to harp on that...

Have been looking for the Spy Soldier Team goggles...the ones with the numbers on the side, specifically the Toronto ones with the 27. Anyway if anyone has seen them at any shops or has had them what do you think?

Also, I need to get a pair by the middle of Feb. as I'll be in Colorado and would like to have everything ready to go before my trip. I'm kind of partial to Spy and the other question I had was just peoples general opinion of them, more particularly the Scoop model. I'd prefer to not spend that much as I'm not living where there is snow in the winter yet but any information anyone can pass along would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, and sorry for the long read.
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Conkzilla, just wanted to say welcome to EpicSki!

I was going go tell you to go to http://www.google.com/ and type in your search, since you're looking for Google Help.

But, you may want to use Froogle to see if you can find the Spys that you're looking for. I see folks wearing a lot of Spys around here, but I ski Markers, myself.
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