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Snow Skins

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Probably due to being old, not in the kind of shape I should be, and less than perfect technique I've had issues with thigh burn later in the day. After reading comments here about Snow Skins I was given a pair for Christmas. Skied about 6 hours yesterday. I could feel my thighs by the end of the day, but I was still skiing comfortably and my thighs are feeling good this morning. Need to try them on a multiple day outing, but so far, I think they help.
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Exactly what are skins and what do they do?
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northeasterner, check their web site, and the various threads about them here on EpicSki (ant swears by them!).

RISkier, thanks for the review. Let us know how they are once you do one of those multi-day outings.
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Do they go under your ski pants?
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