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Nordica Supercharger?

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Has anyone actually skied these skis yet?

I am pretty interested in them. The Blower might make a nice complement for my dying Gotamas, and the Ignition could be a nice replacement for my near-dead Karmas.

I've seen two pairs of Ignitions on the hill, but both owners seemed to be without an opinion on them. I want to know if they are a true park ski, or if they are more of an all-mountain twin like the Karma.

As for the Blower, I'd like to know how it compares to the Gotama which IMHO is just about the perfect powder ski.
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Saw you asking about this ove on TGR. Did you see this thread before you posted?

Both were offered on form by Nordica at a very low price but not enough information could be gathered early on as to how it was designed, etc. I'm sure it will start to appear more on the slopes as it should be released into the population more after the new year.
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Yeah, I did see that thread. I was sorta hoping some of tose guys would have gotten and skied them by now.
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My 185cm Blowers arrived a few days ago. They look wicked, vertical sidewalls with 2 sheets of metal and a nice twin. I will have them out this weekend and post a review next week.
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These skis kick ass! I had them out in a foot of fresh on Friday at FAR. I am 6' and 160 lbs and I got the 185s. They are super floaty in the pow and blast through crud like it is not even there. They feel very agile for such a big ski and are very forgiving of mistakes. Front and back seat landings are no problem and the stability at speed is exactly what you would expect of a Nordica wood and metal ski out of the race room. At the end of the day I was blasting down a soft groomer on the way to the lodge and these babies held an edge and never waivered from it.

Super G turns in soft snow is what these were designed for. They come through better than anything I have skied on and I would recomend them to anyone who is an aggressive technical skier or former racer looking for a big ski for big lines on big days.
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