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What Ski To Get, Size?

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This is my first post,

Hello all

I'm a 39 year old 5'7 210lb Stocky/ Fat Fire plug shaped guy I live on the east coast but Will be making it west a couple times this year (first time for that) and will move to the PNW in 2 years .

When I was a Kid 5-14 I ski'ed 20X a year or so and was good. Then I went 8 years or so with out ,went skiing for a week and was better than I had ever been. Then I didn't ski once untill I desided I wanted to get back into it before last season. My childhoodFriend who wanted me back in and has a support deal from Elan,hooked me up with his spare pair of SLX fusion Pro's, 160's. I skied them 15 X last year and Love them.

Tight Aggressive turns is exactly what I love to do ( and what I'm naturally good at)and These Do it beyond what I ever thought possible. I learn fast have very good balance and have alot of BMX/ Hockey,Mortorcycle Roadracing (the latter I did as semi Pro) raceing expierience. I skied with my Friend a couple of times (he's some kind of high level instructor) and was getting alot of advice on the new school Slalom Techniques.

I don't know what level I am but I can get down anything I've ever tried here on the east coast.Agressivly if I wan't and allways controled

That said I can't and don't want to have to mantain the high level of energy every run so I wan't another pair of ski's that are more all mountain.

Now Because of I'm short and heavy I don't know How much to go on my wieght ( Wich will come down over the season I started a diet, I should be about 170-75) or My hieght. I really don't want too long of a ski.

What do you think?

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Welcome to the forum...i ,being 5'8" and 235 ski a atomic m11 "great carving ski"at 170ish length and the only reason i am on the 170 cm's is weight... i believe no matter what manufacturer you choose the length will stay constant.if you Drop 40 lbs go to the next shorter length. the atomic b5 is also a great ski..If you have a chance demo after you get it down to a 3 or 4 ski list and go from there.
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Zootsuitbass, welcome to EpicSki!

Can your buddy book you up with another pair of Elans? You might consider a Magfire or one of the triples (666, 777, 999--although 666 for east coast).

There are many skis out there that will suit you, and many review of skis over on the review forum. Will you have an opportunity to demo various skis? What does your buddy suggest?
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Well, I've had sponsers before and I really don't even want to sujest him getting me ski's. If he offers I'll go that road but not if he doesn't. Last year I got his second pair,He offered, very Different. Secondly he's building a home ( as in HE"S building his own home) his attention is very stretched.

He sujested I suck it up and ski the SLX's make a man out of me type of talk.

as far as 666's I had a question/ theory besides the stiffness the Magfire 12 is the same right? Since I'm over wieght will the stiffer ski ski more normal to me?

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Andrew, yep... The Magfire 12 would be worth a ride, too.
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Well I talked to my Friend turns out he's know some one who has a pair of 168 Cm 666Fusions She would sell.

Is this way Too small for me? How are people using these on the east?

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I was also thinking 666. I am hoping to demo a pair this weekend in WV, where it should be a mix of ice, loose granular, and hopefully powder if the forecast works out. I am 6-1 225lb and am looking at 184cm (compared to my normal 180cm RX-8 skis).
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