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Wow, that's wild. Spend all that $ to put in the automatic system and then go back to paying someone to check tickets. Wonder why...
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Jane gets frazzed when they DON'T scan her pass. She still can't figure out how the guys/gals know her name.

BTW, did you know that they can tell you how many days you have skied with those hand-held scanners at the lift? 9.

Also this afternoon they were scanning everyone on the American Flyer and still sending up chair after full chair. At the worst of it, there was a 12 minute wait there. Very little complaining in line.
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Dunno, never skied Big Mountain.

The old Skidata system was a chislers friend. You could easily switch day passes with someone and share a ride/Tix (not that I think there is that much wrong with that practice) You could also barge/bump the turnstile and it would rotate letting you on the lift. The software was all documented in German so it was hard to deal with. The elastic ticket holders has a nasty way of hitting people in the face after the reader had scanned the ticket. Season passes were scanned without having to be visable so plenty of people were scamming with other peoples passes.

Snowing again here tonite, 4-6" more expected.
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Originally Posted by ctown
I have no problem with the guy if he check everybody. He single me and my buddies out.

It's not like they're not making enought $ for charging $4 a cup of mash potatoe or $3 a bottle of water
Those bastards are profiling and that's illegal. I would sue the resorts ass and turn it into a big media publicity sceen. Get the newspapers and the tv out there while the story is still hot. You need to capitalize on this. You might be able to ski there for life and never have to buy another lift ticket. Who knows, they may pass a law in PA that outlaws ski lift pass inspections.
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When my biggest worry is whether or not they check my lift pass, I'll know I have it made.

Don't sweat the small stuff.
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It's a total OUTRAGE!

I don't blame him a bit for being put out. I'm sure he looks wildly different than anyone else. Da Noive o dat guy! :

I don't even recognize my own husband when I'm at the bottom of the lift looking for him.
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In an effort to prove to myslef that they never check tickets at my local resort, I again put mine and my daughter's lift tickets in my pocket on Sunday. They're still in my jacket pocket! Last year, I had my lift ticket checked twice, once each day, two different days, out of about 10 days at my local hill. It just save me having to cut them off and my daughter doesn't like wearing one (she's 4, so they're free for her anyway).

BTW, those places that scan your ticket on every run, do it to look at skier trends. Where are the crowds during different times of the day/week, so that they can staff the lifts properly, and probably for other reasons, such as (guessing) where to groom, etc.
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Look for RFID next in line. Hmmm, maybe that's the next big thing - nah
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Originally Posted by uncle crud
like Big Mtn, bunion?
My daughter says they look the same (possible it's not the same BRAND, but look like the same thing to the average skier eager to get on the lift).
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