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Bolle X-500 Goggles

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I ordered these goggles from PSIA in early December. finally, they arrived yesterday!

They are over the glasses goggles with phototropic lenses... i want to try wearing my contacts less as my eyes are reacting to the greater levels of dust, mold etc here and puffing up.

These goggles are great. They seem to have two lenses, the coloured one inside, and a clear one outside. And they do darken and lighten, the dark colour is almost red.

Peripheral view is excellent, they come right around the side of your head. they fit over my glasses very easily.

And the quality of vision is amazing, everything is so clear, the colours really kick up and become very vivid.

I've always bought the cheapo Scotts or Uvex previously, so these "good" goggles are a revelation, and on the net they can be had for about the PSIA price.
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I also wear glasses. Those goggles sound perfect. Would you mind tellling me how much they would cost me, if I were to buy them at a ski shop? Can one purchase them at a regular ski shop?
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Phototropic now that is a great idea. DUH! Hmm a lense that changes with the light conditions. Oakley are you listening?

This is worth buying these goggles for alone.

Somehow I think the styling deparment however got left out of the loop at the Bolle design meetings on this one though. 80's with a twist.

but the lenses change tint and that is worth every penny.
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They are $39 at most websites I eyed (while getting grumpy at the PSIA delay). Amazing value for such clever goggles. They really change intensity! a deep red, to a very mild brownish/yellow. You can even wear them inside.
They have heaps of room for glasses, and a clip at the back for helmets...really necessary for glasses wearers, too.
I like them as you can wear them in cloud, or blazing sun. Brilliant.
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Is there any compelling reason why non-glasses wearers couldn't use these too? Apparently Bolle do make another model with light sensitive lenses but they're USD 30 more on the same link above
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I saw them for $29 on eBay (plus $10 shipping). Might have to give these a try -- sometimes contacts are a real drag.
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of course you can wear them without glasses. I intend to, once my eyes settle down. It's just so useful that they are made to fit over glasses.
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