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Spyder Stealth Racing Top- Size Med.

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I have a used (but still very useful) Spyder Stealth Racing Top for sale. This is size medium - black with the Spyder logo that was purchased and does not fit. I would rate the condition as good- but there are a few small areas with wear or small holes (the size of a cigarette butt at the biggest) around the wrist or lower arm area. This does not affect the job it is designed for- protecting you from the gates with the padding in the arms.

These retail new for over $100 and I am asking for $45 plus the actual shipping charges (USPS would be the least expensive, or DHL if you want to include insurance or faster delivery). PM me with your zip code and if it is a work or home address for a shipping quote. I can also email some digital photos (but have not taken any as of yet) if you want to see the actual item.
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How much do you weigh?

How old is it?
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Can't tell you the age, since I purchased it 2nd or maybe even 3rd hand. It has a previous owner's name written on the tag.

For sizing, if you wear a Spyder Medium (if you put this inside the Spyder) race suit this would fit you. Or if you want this outside you may want it slightly bigger than the Spyder race suits. I would check out the sizing charts on the retail sites like Reliable Racing:

http://www.ski-racing.com/spystlthtop.html (no sizing but a good shot of what this looks like new)

I would guess a far as fit that you have to be under 150 lb and a smaller/thinner adult male or woman for this to fit. Either that or a growing Jr racer that is serious. I am a 38" chest, but tall at 6.0 and this fit only with just a TShirt underneath and was hard to get on and off.

It also has padding on the back shoulder blades, which I forgot to mention. I have a good Ebay rating (but mostly from items purchased) and can accept various payment methods.
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Thanks for the response. The bad news is that it's too close to the margins to take a chance.

Last season I got my kid (he's 150 pounds now) an medium Spyder off E-Bay and it was way too small. It was the USST "cool" one with all of the sponsor logos (Visa, Chevy etc.).

It was marked Mens Medium ... but at 135 he couldn't get into it .... I figured it was just marked wrong .... or "oddly" since it was a special edition.
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Bump to see if there is any interest, if price is too high make an offer via private message, I may consider it if reasonable.
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This is now sold and shipped off to a fellow racer, hope it offers the protection and some fast times.....
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