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This Season WC Video Online

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Best coverage online


Once you select a race/racer pick your bandwidth. Standleitung is Broadband. Once video starts right click on video screen for local menu. Select Zoom for full screen (with most drivers).

Damen - Women
Herren - Men

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thank you.
i've been looking for something like that.

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BUMP - there are some great runs coming up at Adelboden and Wegen
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Great link Gary. Thanks!
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Rocca is poetry in motion. I think the bigger slalom turns are closest to recreational ski turns.

Rocca's race at Kranjska Gora has some great camera angles...look at about 22 to 30 seconds in the first run and about 1:10 to 1:20 in the second run. Great on-line ski lessons right there.

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Wengen Slalom - a must see!

Hey thanks guys!

For those of you who did not see the Wengen Slalom you've got to catch this when they get it up on Sports1. They set the last pitch SO OFFSET that mortals could NO WAY get around the gates. Watching these guys navigate this steep and VERY OFFSET course was amazing (second run).

Tuesday on OLN they may be replaying the Slalom runs at 4 and 4:30 MT

Tivo or DVR it, this is something you will want in your collection. I don't think I've ever seen a set that offset before. Is this a hint of what is to come in Slalom? I hope so

Edit, Oh yeah, Bode had the fastest second run,,, hmmmm
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ah but Gary - did they make that offset with NO ROTARY INPUT?

(please head to the ski camp thread & help ssh out....)
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Originally Posted by disski
ah but Gary - did they make that offset with NO ROTARY INPUT?

(please head to the ski camp thread & help ssh out....)
To answer your question - NO WAY, twisting like chubby checkers (more or less)

Will check out that thread dissski,,,,,


Sorry Disski, I ain't stepping in that one, I've said all I have to say here :
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don't blame you....

yeah - I see twist they see no rotary at all.... :
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I think it would be really funny for someone thats clearly a highly accomplished skier to take a LIII PSIA exam and fail, because they don't do things the way the PSIA likes them to be done.

If Bode, or Daron Rahlves, for instance, showed up at a PSIA LIII skiing exam incognito, I'd bet they'd fail...
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I have seen video footage of APSI high level guys dressed up in hire gear & taking a beginner lesson with some poor unsuspecting new instructor at the next resort along the mountain.....
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PSIA, PMS, STD, Who cares when you're in a race course anyway?

Yeah, well back to Wegen. Check it out. If you don't see rotary, steering, flying through the air, twisting, jumping, skiing on the toilet, taking gates in the face, hooking, looking like a spaz, then you ain't seeing what's on screen

and lets not forget this (he, he, he)
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