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Short Slaloms

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Fischer Race SC, Head WC SL, Rossi
9S Deviator. Looking for good rec slalom, eastern skiing. Like to turn, med speed,
6'0 215,advanced. Think 170-175cm??
Input welcome. Reviews say they could be good fun for average skier???
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I'll jump is as this might be of some debate from all sides.

The new skis are a real leap, for ski technology.

I have been renting, DEMO skis for the past few years. With this I am able to ski sometime two or three different skis a day!

There is various layers that are featured in this Mfg. ski or that. The final choice is yours in regard to ridgidity fore aft and torsional. But the question about length is one that needs equal amount of study.

First let me RECOMEND that you get on at least three pair of DEMOs.

I would suggest, Atomic, Rossi, and Solomon or K2. Try each at two lengths. 170 or thereabouts (as mfgs make different sizes) and 155, yea that is right 155. (if you are going to ski soft deep snow you may want to look at a different set of skis than if you are skiing hard pac, also the arc that you prefer will determine length and type of ski)

As pointed out in some of the other threads the racers are skiing 155! Watch the ESPN or OLN Mens S, their skis don't even hit the chins of some competitors while they stand and talk with the press!

Ultimately the size will be a personal prefference. However I feel that until you actualy SKI them you will not be able to acuratley asses the advantages they offer for your size and weight.

I am 6'5" and weight 245, so I can appreciate the dynamics that your size will have on a ski. It is alot different than for others who are nor six foot or more. So in asking and getting feedback form then you relaly are not getting apples to apples so to speak.

GO out on em and ski em. Best advice for the new technology! (it is a big expense so you want to get it right)
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I agree, try and demo as much as possible, so you can get a feel for which race board is going to fit your skiing style. Because you are going to be usinig them for recreational skiing you may want to look into the softer more forviving models to gain in advantage in all round performance. I know that salomon 3v, the head wc slalom (ti??), and the rossi t-power viper s are wonderful choices. Also consider if you plan on taking them in the bumps that you may not want to venture into the extremely wide tips such are the fischer rc4 sc. Any of the skis that fall into the short slalom category will blow your socks off with their performance, the only thing that they do not excel in is deep powder, and slushy crud. For eastern skiing they are unbeatable. I urge you not to shy away from the recreational slalom models that some companies have introduced, such as the rossi t-power viper s. Where they classify this ski in thier product line this season and how it performs on the snow are two totally different things. For all mountian versatility, this ski and others like it may be the best way to go, as you get the race ski performance, with less effort, and they are a dream in the bumps. I cant convey enough how great these skis are, you will learn to hate midfats for eastern skiing after you ski on a short slalom ski. The three people in my family that ski are each on a pair of short slaloms for all mountain skiing this season. My dad is on the fischer rc4 sc, my younger brother on is on the t-power viper s, and i am on the salomon equipe 10 3v (as well as a few others). As far as length goes for yourself, i would start skiing a 170 length or so, but before you make your final decision try a 160 length, just to be sure. Judging from your weight you may have to go to a stiffer platform if you lean towards the 160 length, so you would then be looking at the stiffer models (possibly a rossignol 9s deviator - dont worry those tips can be taken off and switched the normal ones by most shops). Good luck and have fun demoing, i always love to ski on other peoples skis .
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Some good advice above you need to ski them. Ski Mag online has some slamon ski reviews. I have only skied a few the K2, Rossi, and the Kneissl S1X. I felt the S1x was the best of the bunch and stiffer than the K2 this might be an issue given your stature. Try em all and good luck. I would not go bigger than 170cm for sure.
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If you only plan on skiing on the groomed slopes of Perfect North and the surrounding areas, I recommend going with the pure race stick. They are simply awesome. The past two seasons I raced on the Rossi 9S 10.2's (not the 9.9) and Salomon 3V's, both were great and you won't be dissapointed with either. This year I have the Stockli SLR's in a 156. I just got back from 10 days at Keystone and found this ski to be rediculously stable, quick and snappy. In my opinion, it is superior to any of the slalom skis I've tried. A+ without a doubt.

The other skis I have for this year are the Stockli GS and 170 Fischer Race SC's. I'll give you my thoughts on the Fischer. I can tell that this is going to be my freeskiing stick for few years. I found no faults with it. It's more forgiving than a race ski but gives up very little if anything in terms of performance. It's stable in the crud and rips carves on the groomed. Highly suggested.

If you want a true slalom ski I suggest checking out the Stockli SLR. However, If you only have one pair of skis and plan on skiing conditions, the Race SC is the way to go. You won't be dissapointed.

By the way I'm 6'2 195 and would not even consider a slalom race ski longer than 160, so even at your size I would not go longer than 170 for rec. skiing. Have a good year.
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Finding a place to demo is always the problem. For some reason the Fischer SC is very interesting, but finding a demo could
be tough!! Cinti, OH
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If possible you should obviously demo a ski before buying it. However, in the case of the Race SC I promise that you would not regret buying them today. They're that good. If you want a versatile slalom ski that's the one. A side cut of 115-64-97, a pretty beefy plate and some Marker Comp 1400's, geez.... you can't go wrong
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Hi Guys
Please excuse me jumping in with a new question but I have narrowed my choice down to a pair of short slaloms for most of my groomed sking and am curious as to how the Salomon 3V compares to the Viper S in terms of usability and crud busting or is there anything better out there. Also at 155lb level 8 liking short turns and the rare trip into the terrian park what kind of length is going to be suitable.
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Stockli,Elan,Rossi,Dynastar and Atomic (9´16 not 9´12) are more of a race ski.
Fischer and Volkl are friendlier but lower performance.
I would say the Head is the best choice,really easy to ski but incredibly high limits.I have them in 170cm which is the usually recommended length unless you are going to race (go shorter).
This are all excellent skis but i think the Heads are the most versatile.OK,i just LOVE them!.
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Put me down in the Head WC SL camp as well. I tried the Atomic 9.16 and the K2 Mach S as well. Both were really fun skis but felt just a bit harder to relax on than the Heads. I wanted to try the Fischers but couldn't find any to demo.

I ended up buying the Heads in a 180 (mostly because I couldn't find a screamer deal on the 170's), but I'm not racing much anymore. They're just my "fun" skis when it hasn't snowed much lately, and boy are they fun.

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As soon as it snows i will be able to tell you both of those skis perform in comparison to each other. Last year i had the viper, this year i have the salomon, and the viper is still in the family so i can ski them back to back. My guess is that this years salomon 3V will outperform the viper in every area, because it has a wider tip, deeper sidecut, and is actually softer but more torsionally stiff (not sure how salomon does that but i like it). How bout i let you know by next saturday...?? is that soon enough?? I should have been on the snow by then at least once or twice. As far as length goes, you are looking at a 160 in both skis, you wont be disappointed at all with the shorter lengths, they rule. My advice is that if you get the salomon 3v, pick up the poweraxe slalom plate also, you can get last years plate for pretty cheap in shops that have it left over from last year, even though its the same plate.
Dimensions of each:
Viper S: 103-65-93
Equipe 3V: 105-64-94 (flashier too )

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I ski the Head Cross Ti 180 2001 (fantastic,easy,quick). Maybe Head WC SL
might be good choice for rec slalom. Would hate to go 180, maybe 170-175?? Opinions??
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Thanks Greg, next week is plenty soon enough as I don't expect to be on snow until after Christmas any feed back would be great.
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Thanks Greg, next week is plenty soon enough as I don't expect to be on snow until after Christmas any feed back would be great.
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