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Telluride Conditions

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I'm thinking of driving up to Telluride tonight to ski monday and tuesday. How are conditions? Especially off of lifts 9, 6, and 14? Are rock skis necessary?
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Rock skis would be a real good idea. Conditions are pretty good considering how thin the base is, but there is stuff showing on everything that is steep (like all the lifts you mentioned). They just got 7" last night, which is greatly needed but is just enough to hide rocks, as opposed to covering them.

My suggestion, bring your rock skis and ski anything you want. You will enjoy it but you will definitley be glad that you are not using your good skis. If you want to ski the steeps without hitting rocks you usually have to wait until the base is 50", or do a lot of fast jumping.
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Thanks for the info. Definately bringing rock skis. I was wondering what the coverage was like since last year I was there with about a 50" base I believe and there were still rocks in places on the steeper runs. I'm off sometime tonight then for my first turns of the season tomrrow.
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