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Can I tweak a GS ski?

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I have a pair of 188 cm Dynastar SF's. Compared to my Atomic Beta Ride 10.20's (2 year old) in 190cm and this year's Head WC Slalom Ti - 170 cm, they are just not as much fun to ski on and they are more difficult to get to initiate the turn. Once they start carving they are fine, but I have to be concious to ski them differently. Fine on groomed, but I can't seem to remember to do that on a race course.

I have Marker Racing bindings with SC on them (4 years old). Since the ski is fairly thin under foot, can I enhance the performance by increasing the lift by placing a spacer under the binding. I don't care if I loose the SC feature. Or would I be better off going with something like a Tyrolia Speed Plate and binding to match (or the equivalent from other binding manufacturers)? Do you think it would be worth the expense?

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I demoed the speed SF's once long long ago and recall not liking specifically how you need to initiate a turn on it, turned me off to dynastars since then. But take that with a LARGE grain of salt. 188's might be a little small in that ski if you are on a 190 10.20.

Consider that you could spend $150 to $200 for a good plate plus mount, but a pair of last year's gs skis could be had for $350.

On the other hand, my GS skis are p30's (same vintage as your skis), but are race stock and I like them alot. According to the current thread on WC gs skis, they aren't running that much sidecut.......hummmm.

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I bought a pair of Speed SFs last year. I ironed in and scraped off a soft wax three times, then waxed them with the proper wax for the ski day's temperature. They flew! I can not believe how easy they are. I weight 165 lb; they are 186 cm. If you have not waxed them like that, try it. It is worth the work.
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I have some 192cm Speed SFs with the factory plate, some of last year's 191cm Fischer GS and last year's 170cm Atomic 9.16s. I understand exactly what you mean about the Dynastars - a weird blend of being very quiet yet working through the turn very well. My guess would be that if you don't like that feel then sell 'em and get another pair of Atomics or whatever. I don't think adding a plate is going to make the ski much livelier and you are likely to spend some significant cash without getting the changes you want. My guess is that's excactly how Dynastar designed that ski to feel. I've been thinking lately the BetaRace 9.20 would be a really good all-around hardpack, club-race ski or if you're in full-on GS courses then step up to the BetaRace 10.22 (or whatever it is).
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Thanks. I think it's a turn initiation problem and was wondering if more lift would help the leverage and thus the turn initiation. It's also I feel I have to ski them differently.

New bindings and plate would be expensive so maybe I should consider picking up a new pair of last years or a pair of demo skis at the end of this year. I had them freshly tuned and both shop waxed and by my own hands. I forgot to tell them not to detune but fortuneately they only detuned one set of edges so I have a left and a right ski. It helped when I figured that out and put the skis on the right feet with the non-detuned edges on the inside.

I have raced GS and Super G on the Atomic BetaRide 10.20's because they are GS construction. I liked them, it's when the course is more firm that the narrower waist of the SF's would be a benefit.
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Don't quote me on this for this season, but last season, Volkl had an aftermarket lifter plate called the energYrail...precursor's to this season's motion system. I'm guessing it ran in the stores for about $200 or so for those stores that stocked them...

Basically, 22 screws mount the 2 rails on each ski. A plate slides over the rails and the binding is mounted in the plate...so no compatibility issues with the bindings. The plate was held in place on the rails with 1 pin which could be moved around...here's the catch. You could set the pin in the forward position and have great turn initiation, set the pin in the middle for normal use, and set the pin in the rear position which makes it more difficult to turn but gives you a strong boost coming out of the turn when you load the tails.

IMHO, the energyrail actually increases the sweet spot of the ski, making it easier to turn on, but doesn't sacrifice the edgehold of the ski at all...try giving Volkl a call and they might be able to help you.

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Be sure your edges are beveled properly. I was told 1 degree both base & side.

I have some 197 cm SFs with Salomon Pro-Pulse 900 bindings which give a pretty good lift. I had no problem with turn initiation with the SFs until I started skiing full time on my Supermountains. The Supermountain requires a much more centered stance and doesn't like to be driven into a turn. Once I adjusted to the Supermountains the SFs became a pain in the butt & only get skied when I am doing bomber runs. I doubt adding lift will help you much.
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The SF is an interesting ski in terms of individual reviews. Some people absolutely rave about them and others are lukewarm or worse.

This is my third season on a pair of 197's (Look turntable binders) and I dearly love them - as long as I'm not being lazy. It just happens that I also have a pair of Head WC SL Ti's (180) which I think are more fun than I've ever had on a pair of skis.

First off, I think comparing the SF to a ski like the WC TI is pretty apples and oranges. Turn initiation is a dream with the Heads. It's much more of a conscious effort with the SF. For me, anyway.

It seems like the SF best responds to a turn that is started right up at the shovel. It works super when skied aggressively, but I end up in "catch-up" mode if I get a little lazy on them. The Heads, on the other hand, can be skied lazily all day and are still as enjoyable as all get out.

Back to your question about risers. Does the EPS plate work with the SC's? If so, that would give you a little more rise and a bit more leverage on the ski couldn't hurt. Also, Rio's suggestion on tuning is worth considering. Are your SF's tuned sharp all the way to the contact points like your Heads probably are? If not, you might give that a try.

Good luck,

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Yes the SF's are tuned sharp with a 1/1 base and side bevel. They did detune the outside edge and it was better once I figured that out. I also found that I have to be more forward and maybe a bit wider in the stance. I can't be on auto-pilot.

On the other hand, I could jump on either the Heads or Atomics and really have fun without thinking about it. My wife actually uses her Heads (170 cm) for GS as well. They do well just as long as you exit the turn at the right time otherwise you'll be turning uphill and scrubbing lots of speed.
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I ski the SF a couple times a year in a 197, but with a 23mm lifter and 10 or 12 mm from the tyrolia binding.I just cruise fast top to bottom on them and mix the turns.They are quick edge to edge with this set up . A fun ,smooth and quiet ride beyond that I have not analized them ,I just have fun with them.Compared with a pair of P-40 (188)with the same set up,I find them to slip just a little and they seem to be a little faster. As far as the EPS lifter on the marker sc --it will not work you have to use a generic plate.A SC Tyrolia can be fitted on a lifter,just have to make sure you the one made for it or you have adapt.
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