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look p12 or px12

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which bindings should i get. and why
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I like the pivot heel a lot more than the new heel, but they'll function the same. You can probably find the older pivots for cheaper, and if the price difference justifies it, go for those.
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If you can find a P12 go for it, the changes to the design were to make the binding more suitable to integrated systems. The older P12 has a shorter mounting area (better ski flex) and more contact points at the heel of the boot, it's a tighter coupling of boot to ski. The PX series are excellent bindings but not better than the P series, the changes made to it were to streamline production (same heel mounting base as Nova binding) and to improve system integration, neither change benefits the consumer. The price did come down on the PX series compared to the P series so you might not save money on the P12 over the PX12. You'll be happy with either, they are both excellent bindings.
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The biggest difference might be your size and recommended din setting. Most recommend that you try to say in the middle of the din range of a binding. I find that with my recommended setting din of less than 6, that is right at the bottom of some when the range goes up past 10.

On the P12, the range is 4 - 12 the P10 is 3 - 10. How much difference that makes ---I have no idea. I'd , personally, go with the P10 in my case. YMMV
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yea, i weigh 190 and 5' 10". i heard the p12 allows for a lower din setting. wonder if it would be true for the new ones becasue of the increase forward pressure.
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Onstar - see my answer in the other p12 vs PX12 thread:
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