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It was my pleasure

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It was my pleasure to finaly meet Mr. Bob Peters in pearson. We've been PMing and phoning back and forth on flyfishing bulletin boards and here at Epic for a few years but had never been able to meet face to face before. I ran into Bob at the gondi line at JH this week and introduced myself and my 2 boys to him and we made plans to have a drink at the end of the day. I must say he is just as friendy and cordial in person as he appears here on Epic. I'm looking forward to when our schedules allows for us to make some turns and cast some line together .
Oh yeah, Jackson was getting pounded this week, get to Wyoming ASAP, the season is shaping up to be a big one.
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You are a luckier man than me. Bob and I tried to meet up on my trip last year w/o success.
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Bob Peters Rocks! I've know Bob for a long time. He even helped me get engaged (with out even knowing me!!) BTW, he rips too!

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I enjoy reading both of your posts a lot. They are very informative and enjoyable reads. It must have been a great meeting.
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Thanks, guys.

Adipose, I'm sorry things were a little busy during your visit this time. We'll make some turns before this season is out (and maybe even combine a little trout-hunting excursion).

Lonnie, we're looking forward to a visit by the two of you.
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