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bent skis(?) = new skis

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Well i bought a pair of K2 freedoms 2 years ago, skied on them for maybe 20 days over the 2 years (sickness and school got in the way). Anyways I ski hard, im not happy unless im off-piste or in the mogul fields. So i took them to the shop to get the edges sharpened and they tell me they can't because they are bent. obviously im angry because i barely skied on them. So anyways I've told you my ski style, im about 5'9" and weigh 150-155. I dont want fat skis, and i don't like parabolic skis too much, but i understand that most all skis these days have some shape to them. So what do you recommend for a skier like myself. I don't mind if they are a couple of years old, i dont need the latest and greatest(hey im on a budget). Thanks for the help guys, if there is anything i missed that could help out, i visit frequently so I'll try to be speedy with the answers. But it looks like im going to be started the season on bent skis.
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I'm going to recommend a couple of lessons. Until you do something about your technique, you won't be able to tell the difference between skis anyway, and you'll just bend the new pair bashing away at the bumps.

Any modern, narrow to middle width ski in about a 170cm length would be a reasonable choice for your height/weight. Pick a pair to demo, tell the instructor you're an advanced skier but you're new to shaped skis and you really don't see what all the fuss is about, and let it go from there. Unless I am completely off the mark, it will be a revelation--an epiphany.

When you've done that, come back again with your question.

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You know you are completely correct. I do need lessons. But like I said funds are kind of tight, and I do not want to spend money on an instructor who is just working on the mountain for a free lift pass. I noticed you are from New England, I'm from massachusetts and pretty much grew up on wildcat. Have any recommendations for a mountain with instructors that'll teach me technique. You are completely correct, I might end up bending the next pair too if it is my technique. Thanks for the reply.
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I was in the same position years ago when I managed to bend the hell out of every pair of Dynastars I could get my hands on. Besides the technique part, avoid foam cores. Your always probably going to be an agressive skiier and that's not bad, with some instruction you'll be fluid and agressive in the bumps. The best description I've ever heard to describe it is if you were a drop of water poured down a bump run you would take the quickest most efficient way down and go around the bumps not over them. "Be like water" (Bruce Lee). My funds were tight as well so what I did was become a keen observer of great technique. I followed people in the bumps, I tried to mimic their style. I followed my friends who ripped lines all day effortlessly. I also worked on short radius turns when I wasn't in the bumps.

Ski's by the way (I don't neccesarily recomend this) can be straightened. I had at least one pair of Dynastars re-bent and then proceeded to bend them back within three weeks.

Good Luck.
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Unless someone is really abusing their equipment, I find it hard to believe that one's technique be attributed to bending a ski. Wouldn't it be fair to say the construction of the ski is weak? Don only weighs 150 - I suggest he find a tougher ski.
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I suggest that you contact K2 about the problem. They will likely tell you to go through a local shop and return them for evaluation for possible replacement. I have some experience in this regard since I have bent or broken many skis over the years. I have had very good results (I think I have been comped about 10 skis over the years). The only mfr I have had trouble with is Dynastar and I no longer use Dynastar skis. It generally takes about 6 weeks turnaround, if they are willing to comp you a pair of skis, so you should think about picking up a pair of last years demo skis for early "rock" season skiing.

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I bent a pair of Dynastars last year in the bumps. Stay away from a ski with much metal in it if you are doing a lot of moguls. It bends and doesn't snap back. Anyway, Dynastar rebent the ski back (recambered it) and it looks fine now. Still, I'm sure they will bend again.
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Don, sorry for the harsh welcome to EpicSki. Bad form on my part.

Pretty much any of the ski areas in the Northeast will have instructors that can help you out. If you can swing a private lesson, that would be great, but they are pretty expensive. You could ask in the "Instruction" forum for instructor recommendations at specific ski areas you are interested in.

If not, a group lesson would still be worthwhile. Most of the time (where I work, anyway) there are very few people taking lessons at the upper levels, so class sizes are usually small, and I suspect the situation is similar at other areas. Although you can't choose your instructor for a group lesson, the folks who are just in it for the pass don't usually get those lessons. Also, I think you will find that there are far fewer instructors who really don't care about the job than you might expect. That's another topic, though.
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Pretty cheap of Dynastar to bend your skis back in place for you. Or was it the ski shop that did it? I've never heard of such a thing. For sure it will bend in the same place again.
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I should have mentioned in my other post, the best pair of bump skis I ever had was a pair of Dynastar V9's Took a beating and kept on ticking they did. I do believe they had a metal top sheet in them. They never bent or delaminated. Skied them for two years and still sold them for more than I paid for them.
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Thanks for the help, I have contacted K2 but they are pretty rigid when it comes to the one year warranty on thier website.

I have also had bad experience with dynastars, the edges peeled off them starting at the tips! The shop gave me I think 50% or 75% back of what i bought them, I don't quite remember.
Anyways, I think I'm going to stay away from them, I never was a fan. So what should I be looking for, a wood core? Where can I go to get sizes, and specs on skis, all the online stores I have been to all seem to have a small selection. Well back to the books.
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Originally posted by Lars:
I should have mentioned in my other post, the best pair of bump skis I ever had was a pair of Dynastar V9's Took a beating and kept on ticking they did. I do believe they had a metal top sheet in them. They never bent or delaminated. Skied them for two years and still sold them for more than I paid for them.
Like you my best ever pair of straight skis was a pair of Dynastar V8 Assualts. They were quick, lively and fun and they exploded after about 15 days of skiing. These were the only ski I have ever skied that exploded mid-shovel. It was a bad fall. Dynastar would not comp and I have bad mouthed them ever since.


Did you try calling K2? Elan comped me on a bent pair of two year old demo skis a few years back. It took some sweet talk and a good connection at my local ski shop, but it was well worth the time.

Stay away from Dynastar and Rossi (I shouldn't bad mouth Rossi since I have never broken or bent a pair, but I do hear stories). Elan, K2, Fischer, Head, and Atomic have proven very durable under my feet.
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Same thing happened to me with a pair of Dynastar's. The next year I bought Rossi's
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Have you checked out Peter Keelty's site?

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First of all you ski at a beautiful somewhat old-fashioned ski area at which conditions can be pretty rugged. I love skiing Wildcat but I can see how an agressive skier could bend skis there.
I used to ski on Kastles. Really well made very strong skis but almost every year I would bend a pair, usually in the spring when those solid chunks of snow making ice turn up on the surface. Groomers bring them up, they fall off the guns or off the lifts etc. They'e made of clear ice so sometimes difficult to see. Run into one and the the ski bends, because of the metal top plate, which retain the bend induced by the force of impact. Stuffing a tip on a mogul, a stump, a rock, can do the same thing. I have staightened them. Use C clamps, a heat lamp, a pair of boards, some blocks etc. Use care not to use too much heat. They can most likely be straightened. They will not be the same, though.
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I was just ______ (fill in the blank with your choice of skiing, boarding, biking, surfing, etc) along, and my _________ (list piece of equipment) __________ ( fill in damage).

That is the first line of warranty. Unless it is a true case involving manufacturing defects, with no other signs of abuse, then the consumer should expect a warranty. If there is any damage relating to use other than intended, then there are reasonable chances that the complainer is at fault.

It doesn't take much to bend a bendable ski. The direction and severity of impact into an obstacle, such as a mogul, can bend a ski even with a light skier piloting it. Aggressive skiing with poor technique will increase the chances.

Bent skis can be straightened. Heat the area at the bend in boiling water, and then place the ski into any area where the ski can be held at the bend (open riser staircase, door frame), and counter bend the area. If the base wasn't stretched, then everything will be ok, but weaker, since the ski has already been over-stressed.
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I enjoy the demo days on the various mountains around NewEngland
....but get there early. If the conditions are icy and you're
demoing late in the day....have your stone with you...you just
might get caught on the ski you've been waiting to demo for 2mos...and its edges have taken a real beating just previous..
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