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Fickle weather at Bogus Basin

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Thursday morning brought 5-6 inches of fresh snow! Friday brought boot top to knee deep powder all over the backside of the mountain!!! This morning brought rain and 37 degrees, I could only stand four runs before I had to bail for home. Wish it would cool off a bit!
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My family skied Bogus on our yearly spring break vacation. Once it dumped three feet over night.

This pinapple express has been spreading experiences of optimisim and heart break all across the west. Tuesday Snowbowl got several inches of light powder in the afternoon, the next day it started dumping in the morning, but soon below 5300' it turned to rain (I've never been wetter on a ski day), overnight it froze into crust and ice. Yesterday in spite of it being 19 degrees up top, it rained, leaving everything and everone covered with ice. Now it's 31 degrees up top, and was snowing just a while ago. At least we're growing a good base.
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OOOHHH, but Friday was SO good!
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Originally Posted by ski_faster
OOOHHH, but Friday was SO good!
I most wholeheartedly agree!!! Friday brought some of the best skiing I've enjoyed in a very long time! Today wasn't too shabby either.
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I was up today and had a blast. I hadn't been up since 12/20, which is when the spell of warm weather and rain began. I was pleasantly surprised by the conditions. The base was solid but not rock hard with good coverage on all of the runs I tried. I even found 6-8" of semisoft snow on some of the north facing runs under the Superior lift.

I hope we get some new snow as is forecast.
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