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It never happened to me before!!!!

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Well, it happened that I had to turn back and go home since the ski station was closed (it was Dec 25th last year) because all the locals, workers included, were celebrating Christmas day. And did not advertise enough the thing. All long timers knew it, but me, being a ski gypsy, in the meaning that I do not have a preferred ski station, or a ski station that I call "home".
Well, this time:
Yesterday. Crisp sunny cold day. We woke up early enough and decided, my children, my mother and me to go skiing.
Prepped everything and drove to the place, some 40 minutes from home.
The place was so crowded that it looked like Times square on New Years Eve!!!!!
No parking was to be found, the access to the base station was closed and manned by a Policeman who was turning cars away!!!
The traffic was so heavy, that after 20 minutes looking for a park place I decided to turn back home!!!!
Never did that, not even in the worst possible weather conditions.
It is really a first for me.
Does this happen often, on your side of the pond????
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P.S. Happy New Year everyone!!!
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I once went to a popular resort at this time of the year and almost had the same experience. We were able to park, but the slopes were impossible to ski. I remember being tip-to-tail with the other skiers at a slow pace with no room to pass due to the mob that surrounded me. The same feeling as driving in rush-hour traffic in Chicago!

I reminded my self that these "holiday" skiers support the cost of the operation at most ski resorts, and the industry would not exists without them. I'm just glad its not not like that everyday!

Felice Anno Nuovo,

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I guess at US "destination" resorts crowds may be the case.

At the "local feeders" management never even got upset at instructors for not showing up on Christmas since it was a light day.

Italy being pretty heavily into the Catholic traditions .... ???

PPS ...... Happy New Year Matteo!
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nobody ...

Damn it man ... make it a New Years resolution to change your name back!

Nobody sounds like ....... so ...... nobody .....

You are much MORE than .... a mere nobody!

No Buddy????

No Body??

No Bodie .... cause you got La Bomba!
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It never happened to me before!!!!
Isn't that what you say after dissipointing a woman??

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Yes barret, I understand that, in fact, this particular "resort", if it weren't for the Christmas and Easter Holydays would have closed loong ago (also, being the last one close enough to the "big town" helped keeping it open and finding shareolders- the province and the region, and financial support from the banks). Me too, I'm happy that's not like that every day...
I'll keep it in mind next time!!! Ciao!

Yuki, ehe, it's only that particular place that closes down for Christmas day...people living there are stubborn mountain people, jealous of their privacy and time with the families at important times of the year...
And...Remember the Odyssey!!!!!

RW, hahahaha....teeheee, THAT never really happened to me, yet.:
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