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Shorter Radius Ski - SL:9 v. RX8 v. ???

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Looking for some advice. I am a strong level 7 and ski everything but powder (no opportunity as my skiing has been limited to Eastern Canada and New England). I am currently working on staying more centered and getting smoother in my transition. 7 days on snow so far this season and this seems to be working out well.

I spend 70% of time on groomers. I am getting better in the bumps and can handle the crud without any difficulty. I ski 25-30 days year, mostly on smaller hills, but I will get to larger hills like Sugarloaf or Mt St Anne for 8-10 of those days.

I am 5'8" and 180 lbs, and notwithstanding that ratio am in pretty good physical condition. I am currently on a pair of Volkl 724 AX3s at 170. I really like these skis;however, there one shortcoming is there longer radius at 17.4 metres. At smaller hills, or on crowded slopes, the longer radius isn't that practical. I love to rip these skis on a nice groomed empty blue run and sweep the whole hill, but how often do you ever get the chance to do that.

I am looking at adding a pair of skis for shorter radius turns (e.g SL9 at 160) or replacing them with a different all mountain ski with a shorter radius (e.g. Fischer RX8 at 160 or 165). I have had the chance to ski the SL:9 for a day last year. I liked them. I have not skied the RX8 and am going off what I have read here and elswhere. I am tempted by what I have read about the RX8's versatility, particularily its ability to work a variety of turn shapes. I have slight preference a one ski quiver as it is a pain to be dragging around more than one pair, and my bride will have kittens if I start a ski collection

I any event, I would appreciate your collective thoughts on the matter. I DO NOT have a reasonable opportunity to demo skis from where I live and the smaller hills which I frequent with my 13 year old racer.

I also would be interested if anyone has a used pair of either of the above skis collecting dust that they are interested in parting with for few $$$.
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I have not skied the rx8's but I did own a pair of the SL9's (160). Liked the Atomics a lot. I am also a "full-figured skier" (6' 225 lbs) level 7-8. I demoed a pair of the Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuels (170) late last year and knew that I was going to own a pair within two runs. These are a phenomenal ski! Will do everything the sl9's will do plus they are much more stable in long, high- speed turns, and are very good in crud and powder, as well.
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If you get the chance try to demo any of these:

Metron M11 in 162cm.

Head SuperShape in a 165.
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I have owned both the SL:9 and the RX-8 and I like the versatility of the RX-8. Both the RX-8 and the SL:9 provided the quickness for eastern skiing you seek, however the SL:9 lacks the high speed stability of the RX-8.

The RX-8 is also easier to use IMO. Both ski require a linked-turn carving style, however the RX-8 is less demanding since it will transition from short-turns to long-turns without any special effort. The SL:9 resists long turns because of its deeper sidecut.

A further recommendation is the Fischer Race SC. This is a 3-in-1 ski for SL, GS and free-skiing. It's construction is the same as the RX-8 and it is forgiving enough for a level 6 or better skier. These are often $100's less than the RX-8 due to it's anonymity.

Atomic SL:9 sidecut @ 160cm; 121-65-106mm
Fischer Race SC sidecut @ 165cm; 116-65-98mm
Fischer RX-8 sidecut @ 160cm; 115-66-98mm

See below for this offer on eBay

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8742628274&rd=1&sspage name=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1

Hope that helps,

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Barrettscv has got it right.
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Nordica Top Fuel or Fischer Race SC are good choices. Dont you already own the Worldcup SC?
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Moi the Worldcup: No - Volkl 724 AX3 at 170

Originally Posted by Rigaudripper
Nordica Top Fuel or Fischer Race SC are good choices. Dont you already own the Worldcup SC?
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Sorry wrong guy.. anyways i own Fischer Worldcup SL's i find them great skis for an advanced skier, but are really only limited to short radius turns and not all mountain the RACE SC in a short length will give u good all mountain performance and a solid short radius carver.
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