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Info on Summit County?

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Ok guys, I've searched and reviewed this site for days gleening all the info I could till my eyes are bloodshot. But I thought I would post and request any info anyone is willing to share.

I will be staying at Keystone near the ranch next week. Group of five-3 all mountain skiers (not experts-lvl 8) and 2 beginners (5th or 6th time skiing--the wives). 3 will be renting equipment. Plan to rent from Christy Sports near Snake River Hwy 6. Our tentative plan is to ski Keystone on Wed and give the ladies lessons. Ski Vail or Breck on Thursday (don't want to do the crowds on the weekend). Copper on Friday. Then decide which to return to on Saturday.

I would appreciate any info you care to share, whether in regards to rental places, which resorts to hit in which order, what to do for apres for a couple of ours at each resort, etc, etc ,etc.

We are on the economy trip so info on discounted tickets, Shuttle service, and parking are especially appreciated. We will have a rental car.

I've skied Whistler, SLC, Tahoe, Steamboat, Big mountain. First time for the Summit area. Looking forward to it.
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Next week is one of the slowest of the year. You shouldn't worry about crowds. Maybe consider A-Basin instead of Copper to keep you all on one ski-pass as Copper is not included in the 5 resport pass.
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One in the group is determined we ski Copper one day. Any info on discount tickets for Copper? I've read Safeway in Frisco and City Market in Dillon, but they weren't specific on which resort passes these markets had. Also do most of the ski shops have discount tickets as they do in SLC? There was a guy selling two for one passes (copper) on ebay but I didn't find them till it was to late. I would never get them before we left.
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Copper is a must as is ABasin. You can get discount tickets at most of the ski shops around Dillon and Silverthorn. Average savings of $9 a ticket over the Resort price.King Soopers in Denver is offering a four day pass good for ABasin, Keystone, Breck and Vail for the price of $59 per day. If you are flying into Denver find one of the markets around the Denver area before you head up to Summit Co. Safeway and City Market has tickets for all the resorts also. There are so many apreski opportunities around I couldn't mention them all. Explore on your own and have fun.
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Gee, I don't think there's any information on here about Summit Co ski trips. Especially not lately.

(Reality is about half of the posts lately have been about Breck, Copper, and Vail)
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