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Are Cabela's Gore-Tex pants good for skiing?

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Has anyone out there tried these for skiing? Do they work well for a shell? Do the leg cuffs fit over ski boots?
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Doesn't say anything about a boot gator or that they are for sking. I'd be cautious.
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yeah, I wondered about that. I wonder how critical a boot gaiter is for eastern skiing? I find them kind of hard to use on my current cheapo ski pants.

I called Cabela's today and they didn't know much about the pants' suitability for skiing, but they sound pretty sturdy.
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FWIW gaitors help keep snow thats kicked up as you ski from getting in boots. Watch ebay, good used goretex ski or snowboard pants come up regularly.
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I have a pair of their Gore Tex pants and they work great. I've had North Face ones in the past and the Cabela's are just as good, but cheaper.

They don't have snow gaiters at the bottom, but that's a feature I've never liked anyway.
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Unless you truly must multitask, I'd say get 2 britches - one for ski and one for everything else.

I used to go up on rentals and my circa '85 REI Gore-Tex (Rainshadow Pant? Raindancer? Something like that...). This year I finally got real ski pants, and know what? They made a better skiier outta me!
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I've used a camo Cabela's Gortex outfit (pant with suspenders, and jacket with hood) during rainy days on the slopes for multiple years. I love it, it works great. There's no gator in the pant, but it's not needed. The pant legs are wide enough to fit over the boots and not bind. Go with the suspenders, they keep the leg bottoms from dragging, and the crotch up where it belongs (guards against blow outs). Get em big enough so movement is non restricted, and you have plenty of room to layer if needed, and you'll be golden.

I used them a lot when I was in the east. Now that I'm in Colorado they collect dust during the winter.
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Cabela's Gore Tex bibs are awesome as ski bibs. Plenty of room for layering if need be and freedom of movement too. I had a pair when I patrolled and they lasted eight years. I liked all the pockets for tools and supplies.
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Bargain hunter strikes again.

For an affordable gore tex pant with internal gaitor (which I find indispensable in a ski pant) have a look at:

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thanks for the replies, everyone. based on the feedback of those who've used them, I'm going to give them a shot. they are an incredible deal in navy if they have your size (M and XL at the moment):


$65 is hard to beat for Gore-Tex pants.

unfortunately, I ordered them without suspenders before getting the advice to get the suspenders. so I may have to pick some up later if they are necessary.
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Well, I ordered the pants (and ended up ordering the suspenders, too). I skiied with them yesterday, and they were great. On a cold day at Waterville (4F at the summit) they were perfect with long underwear and fleece pants underneath.

They seem very well made and are sized to fit over layers. I have a 32" waist, and the mediums are loose on me.

The leg cuffs are quite roomy, zip up to the knee, and have velcro at the bottom to cinch around your boots. No gaiter, but I didn't miss it.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the pants.

(I'm happy I got the suspenders.)
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