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Carving Assistance

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I just got back from skiing my first three days this season (I can't wait till I get out of southern NY) at Jay Peak (northern VT) on a pair of my brothers old Axis Mod X Pros. It was a lot of fun, and I found myself "ripping" far better than I ever have on my "for park" scratches. I ski faster than just about everyone on the hill, and feel that I make pretty well formed, "high g", carved turns. However, on occassion I find that the tip of my outside ski starts creeping a little inside, slightly out of parallel. It's hard for me to indentify exactly when/why this occurs (especially because I'm not usally looking at my skis). I've been trying to adopt a wider stance for the last few years, and feel this might be the remains of my "old skiing",
"skis close together" early years. This definetely seemed to occur more on my 172 scratches as compared to the 182 k2's, which felt far more rooted. Any ideas on the source of this problem? Thanks.
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This is caused by the shape of the ski and it's willingness to turn when on edge. The problem may be that you are not edging both skis the same, so each ski is doing their own thing. Flex your inside ankle and leg more and guide the inside ski through your desired path.

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Thanks. I've been trying things along that line with success--a matter of making the proper things habit regardless of circumstances. Have a happy new year.
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It could be alignment. Are your ski bottoms perfeclty flat when they should be?

It cold also be natural. If you push more on the outside ski, you will deflect/decamber it more and it will carve a tighter turn.

Parallel curved lines are a nice target to shoot for, but in true art you need not be so restrictive.
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I don't know the scratch, but the mod X pro is a midfat all-mountain design ski. You can't "carve" RR track turns with it unless you make really large radius turns.

I suspect your "old" practice was to push hard on the outside ski to slide the tail around more than the tip was turning. With the bigger physical features of the mod X pro, this will be more difficult to do and will require greater pressure on the outside ski, which could leave you not turning the inside ski as much.

If you still have those skis to use, take them to a flatter run and do some really gradual rolling of both feet toward a turn. You want the pressure on the outside ski to develop as a result of the skis turning rather than because you push on it harder. As you get more comfortable with this approach, you can begin playing with how much you tip the inside ski to adjust turn radius. You just won't be able to "carve" RR tracks in shorter turns. For that you need a slalom ski.
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