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hello,i am having some trouble getting my inside knee to flex and my outside ski to move outward and to get weight on the outside ski in order to turn.can someone give me some instruction as how to get my weight off my inside knee.thanks
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Ummm... codyblank? What are you asking here?

Your weight naturally moves onto the outside ski in a turn. You can also lift your inside foot, if you want, to put all your weight onto your outside ski. Flexing your inside knee is simply bending it (and your ankle!). So, if you're not able to flex that knee, why not?
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What I tell my young students, and they seem to understand it pretty well, is stand on the new outside ski. I also tell them to tip the new inside ski in the direction they want to go. Seems to work.

Rick H
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It sounds like you are leaning in on your turns (banking), Do some skiing where you lift your inside ski off the snow and turn on just your outside ski. This will balance you over your ski. After you can do this consistantly, add some light contact to the snow with your inside ski, but still balance over your outside ski.

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Just lift that foot and pull it back under your hip at the same time. Make some exagerated straight runs and turns with that ski way up off the snow. This is just for a drill, but it'll give you an idea of what you need to do. If you cannot balance on one foot, or if you cannot go the direction you need on one foot, you likely need a trip to a good bootfitter for footbeds and/or boot alignment.

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Try angulating - curving your body so your shoulders are more out over your outside ski, like Anja Paerson in the 2nd shot of this sequence: http://www.ronlemaster.com/images/20...c-sl-2-wm.html
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