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What a cutie!


I skied when pregnant last ski season.  I had trained all summer and was skiing my heart out trying to get in the best ski shape I could to take my Level 3 exam with P.S.I.A., and found out I was pregnant 3 months before the exam.  I had several people who tried to get me to wait until this season to take the exam, but I knew it would be several years down the road before I would have the time to train the way I had trained. 


My exam was in March of last year and I didn't tell anybody that I was expecting, because I was afraid that they wouldn't let me ski for fear of a lawsuit or something or they would be too cautios with me.  We skied everything and I just chose my line carefully and skied my best.  I think that the baby actually helped me keep my weight forward.  I passed my level 3 and I now have a beautiful, healthy 8 month old little girl, who already has little ski boots and skis for next season!

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Congratulations on two great accomplishments, Snowmiser! Let's see if that exam gave her a head start.

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