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Avalanche in Indiana?

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I kid you not. Apparently, there was a slab avalance on the Center Stage run at Perfect North Wednesday night. Fortunately, it happened in the middle of the night and no one was there. I was at skiing PN today and there was quite a bit of evendence of the slide.

Basically the slide let go at the top of Center Stage. One of the lift towers was damaged on the red triple and, what I heard 3rd hand was it stipped the run down to the grass and had snow piled up to the bottom of the chairs on the white quad. Center Stage was open today, but the damaged lift tower on the red triple is undergoing repairs.

Conditions leading up to the slide were ~40" base of man made snow, temps in the 40s and 50 the last several days with some rain. I guess the bond between the ground and the snow pack wasn't strong enough.
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Very interesting. This is my home hill. Just checked on their usually excellent website (at least I think its pretty good for a molehill) and they seem to have the web cams down. The only evidence that something happened is the note that the red triple is down. If you know the hill, that is very odd news because it is one of the most used, and it is always running.

It really is a freak occurence. Got real lucky, especially with the holiday night skiing till midnight, that nobody was around to be a part of it.

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thanks for the post, just goes to show ya. Enough snow on a steep enough solope and you can have an avalanche. Probably a first for the Hoosier state.
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Although l don't know anything about the slope angle, having a slide that fractures clear down to the earth below is consistent with a wet slab avalanche. Scary regardless of where it occured.

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Never have measured it, as I don't see any point, but from experience I'm guessing the Center Stage run (they label it as a black, which is likely appropriate for it's often icy and moguled surface, although it skis like a western blue when it has been freshly groomed) is in the 25-30 degree range. I was out there on Tuesday and they had a pretty big pile at the top, and for the first 30 feet or so it might have been 30+ degrees. Sliders tend to push the snow down the hill, and the groomers tend to move it back up the hill, often storing it in large piles/hillocks at the top.

I'm guessing, that for the future, any hillocks stored up top will now be pushed well over the crest and stored on the plateu of the hill.

Never have heard of a prior such occurence out there.

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well, something's gotta make skiing in indiana interesting.
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We've hit the big time

I was there yesterday (Thursday) too - (big guy, red jacket running laps on audition). It was pretty interesting. There was a flat fracture face near the top of Center Stage maybe 4-5 feet deep down to the dirt, with a big bald spot under it, and 4 or 5 groomers at the bottom, pushing snow back up the hill. They had it almost covered again by the time I left at around 6:30.

I'm not so sure it's that steep; I'd have guessed around 20 degrees. In any event, it was certainly a surprise.

And now we have another Midwest term of art to join the Michigan Speed Suit (Carhartt's) and the Midwest Tuck (somebody in the Michigan Speed Suit locked in a rigid-legged wedge, bent over with hands in armpits and poles sticking straight up in the air heading straight down the fall line).

Indiana Avy Control - Push the snow back up the hill so we can go skiing again.
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I'm not sure what the slope angle is on Center Stage, but I do know it's the longest steep section in Ohio/Indiana. Obviously, it's steep enough to avalance.

I skied there Friday and saw all the repair work going on with the damaged lift tower. The fractue line was still there under the tripple; however, Center Stage had been reopened. There was a big pile of brown snow piled up under the white quad and the snow on the side of the run looked like slabs piled on top of each other. The damaged lift tower was being supported by 2 snowcats to hold it in place while the foundation is repaired. The only reason I knew what happened is I rode the chair with someone who was there first thing Thursday morning. From looking at the evidence Friday, it all made sence to me.

BTW, I made at least 5-6 runs on Center Stage Friday. With the red tripple down you had to skate to get to the Center Stage, Deception and Tuff Enough. I skied about 5 hours in the slush and I was worn out.

Ya' gotta' wonder about pushing all that snow back up the hill if that will be a stable base to start making snow on again when the temps drop next week. (Things that make you go hmmm.)
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Does anyone have pictures?
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Two for two!

I was skiing at Perfect last night (in the rain ) and I found out, talking to a patroller, that Center Stage had slid again. I'm not sure when, last couple of days, but it is pretty much the same scenerio as last year. Big slab if ice sitting on wet grass and mud. The fracture line was visible at the edges of the run.

Should I get an avi beacon for skiing in Indiana?:
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Wow. I guess the warm temps haven't helped things...

A little off topic, but how were the snow conditions? I mean, I know it's wet and all, but would it be worth skiing there next week? I'm hoping they can make some more snow mid week once the temps cool off. I'm actually pretty surprised they have as much open right now as is listed...
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I'd keep checking the website and the weather. If it gets cold and they are able to make snow, it should be good. Last night wasn't bad, but ti wasn't great either. It was basically wet ice with slush on top.
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Thanks... that's the plan, I guess. I hope it gets cold soon, since I'll be up in Cincy already for the holidays. It's much easier to justify a 30 minute drive for so-so conditions than 1.5 hr from here
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better late than never

Originally Posted by Powdr View Post
Does anyone have pictures?
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Originally Posted by ryan View Post

Bookmarking it right now.
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Those are pics from last year. This year there wasn't as much snowpack. Still - it was fortunate no one got hurt.
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Originally Posted by SrMike View Post
Those are pics from last year.
So's this thread.
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Maybe I should have just started a new thread and it would have been less confusing. I brought it back because it happened again this season.
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no, it was clear.
i jumbled it up by answering Powdr's (year-old) question.
i've always been a bit late to the party.

at any rate, it's a late-december sorta thing, obviously.

and my mission to find pics from this year's.
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