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Hello all

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Been lurking for a little while. Since the weather has been so bad Figured I could read about the good times others have been having. 8 days till Utah, thank god.
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welcome to Epic, Kingslug
The snow has been not bad in the catskills

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Well, KING SLUG, welcome to EpicSki. And how awesome is it going to be for you in Utah?!?!
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PM sent. Yes I can't wait. Utah has never let me down. Two weeks after that I'm headed for Tahoe, which is getting insane amounts of snow.
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are you a Univ Calif Santa Cruz alum?

welcome, King Slug. we'll keep the table salt away from your posts.
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Nope. Long Islander for the past 41 years. I will be changing my screen name. On retrospect it sounded a bit too silly. It's what we are referred to at work. eyeski is a bit more presentable.
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