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Just a quick and incomplete guide for any ‘Blue Cruisers’ heading for SnowMass. One of my favorite things is fast, carved turns on interesting blue runs – and Snowmass really delivered for my son (boarder) and me (skier) around Xmas. If this fits your profile, check out these runs:
- Coffee Pot and Gunner’s View for gorgeous tree-lined/islanded cruising.
- Green Cabin from the top of the High Alpine chair for an extended scenic run with long lasting powder stashes. It’s a flat-traverse ¼ mile hike from the top of the lift to the run that keeps traffic low and powder fresh.
- Naked Lady is a roller coaster. Sometimes busy and watch your speed over the rollers or you’ll find yourself in low earth orbit.
- All of the Burn was great, but it can be in clouds. It is also a bit steeper and requires some skids or checks – or younger legs than mine for warp cruising. Sneaky’s and Mick’s Gulley offer groomers parallel to the Powerline Glades.
By no means is this all there is. My son and I skied Snowmass for four days and maybe saw half the blues and 5 percent of the blacks. And I forgot to hit Sheer Bliss, reputed as a great blue run! We’ll be back.