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XWave 10 Boot Liners

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Anyone know where I can get a pair of XWave 10 Boot liners? I would like to replace mine, as I love the boot and don't want to spring for a new pair yet. Would like to get another season or two out of them

Thanks in advance for the advice / suggestions.
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Most companies do not carry much in the way of liner inventory for retail sale. However, they might possibly have a few in warranty stock that they will sell. The last time I ordered a liner (not a Salomon) for a customer, the end cost to him was about $175 + shipping. It is possible but unlikely that you will find someone with one laying around in your size. You would have better luck finding an orphan pr. of boots laying around than a liner.

Good luck in your search.

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just order a intuition liner...

why do you need new liners anyways?

if the boot feels too big (and the shell fit is more then 2cm) then the new liner will just pack out to be the same as the old one and money wasted.

if the old liners fit OK and just stink, torn, etc then fine
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What size boot? I may have something for you.

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Did the liner fail?break? i ask because im am interested in this years X waves
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