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Alta/snowbird question?

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Where should I go for rentals? How much will I be paying for 5 days of rentals? Thanks.
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It will be cheapest to rent in the valley, but if you are staying at the mountain, then renting at the mountain (while costing more) will give you the options of swapping out skis if you wish. High performance skis at Alta and Snowbird generally go out of the shop as "demos" and are more expensive than a standard rental. High performance demo skis will (probably) cost between $35-45 per day. You might be able to negotiate a multiday rate but don't count on it). If you are in the market for new skis, then most shops will subtract all or some of the money you paid for renting from the cost of skis purchased in the same shop. There are several shops for renting at both Alta and Snowbird. Hope this helps.
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Thanks. I'm thinking of buying a used pair of fat skis instead of renting that way the 200.00 or so won't just be a waste of money. I own the volkl 724 pro 77mm waist, are these too narrow for alta?
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I guess that it depends on the conditions and your ability -- I skied thigh-deep at Alta in Atomic 9.22's (waist=72mm?), but my friends who rented fatter skis seemed to have an easier time. My current skis are K2 Apache Recons (waist=77mm) and they seem fine in anything that Alta/Snowbird can throw my way. The shop at the base of the Wildcat lift at Alta has other places on the mountain to rent skis, and they seem to sell their demos after a few days rental -- one of my friends bought Atomic metron b5's there for approx. $500 with bindings after 2 days of demos
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