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So I have a trip planned to Mount Snow comin up and I am VERY interested in taking a good mogul lesson. It's pretty much my favorite thing to do out on the mountain. I'm certainly no great mogul skier - but I can deff get down a run with rythm and make some good turns in there. But I've just really been itchin to take a lesson and really get some good technique in and hopefully get better. So I asked my dad if I could get a lesson when we go and well unfortunately he said no (too expensive) so my idea was to go down to the instruction area find a good instructor that seems cool enough and ask him for a mogul lesson for an 18 pack of beer. Now I know taht seems completely retarded and the chances of me finding someone and them saying yes is slim to none but I was wondering if anyone here knows of an instructor that just might do that?

thanks for your time everyone