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Dalbello Supersport ZX or ???

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I didn't want to add to Jeff's thread, as he seems to have enough posters that need more detailed help than me.

I'm 40, 5'10", a beefy 210lbs, and have been skiing for around 10 years, although sadly, only 10-15 days/year. I will ski anything at our local hill other than the iced up, moguled tree run. Most black runs are fine for me, if it isn't one long sheet of blue ice. The boots I have been riding in for the past 7 years have been Saloman Evolution 9.0 in 27.5 size, but while the they are comfortable, I have never had a good heal lock in that boot. Three years back, at Big Mountain, a boot tech added some dense foam on the outside of the liner, around the heel, which helped, but still not perfect. They are also stiff like brick bats, even at their softest setting, and it is more of a hinging action than a proper flex.

I've bought some new used Volkl Vertigo Motions this year, and am skiing better than ever, but feel the sloppy heal lock in my current boots is causing issues.

BTW, for my size, I have a pretty small, size 9.5US foot, that is D width. I am narrow in the ankles, and have what I consider to be a pretty normal arch. With my weight, my foot tends to flatten under stance. That said, I'm not at all comfortable in street shoes without proper arch support.

Last weeek, after skiing at the local molehill, I stopped in the shop the see what was being offered. The kid seemed to know his product line, and after sizing me up, brought out a Nordica and Dalbello in a size 27.0 shell. Although, the shell sizing was proper, both boots were uncomfortable in the 10 minute walk around the shop trial. After noting my preference for arch support, he brought out a Dalbello Supersport ZX in size 27.0, and added the arch support in heal pieces to the foot bed before the fit. Wow, easy to get on, and total comfort. And, for once, my heel was locked to the boot. They also seemed to have a nice, progressive flex.

I really like how Dalbello has their second strap positioned, right at the juncture between the foot and ankle, and it seems to work like it should, locking the heel in the heel pocket without excessive clamping of the foot or shin straps. As an engineer, it is a logical place to put a buckle.

That said, is there anything I'm missing or other boots I should be trying on. The $400 they are asking for this boot isn't cheap, but might be worth it. Of course, I'm temped to wait till the shop starts clearing merchandise in the spring. Although, the guy did note they were the last one in that size. He also said that the Dalbello had a lot of good features that I would have to pay more for in a Nordica or Technica, the other two lines that he carried. I don't know if he was just trying to sell me the boot or just being honest.

Thanks for your comments.
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I've had sevral pair of Dalbello boots and would agree that you get a lot of boot(comparable to other brands) for your money with Dalbello. The heel hold down you get with Dalbello's with the Dynalink buckle as you point out is superb. Lots of adjustments and the tabs on the shell to facilitate getting in and out of the boot easily is a great feature on a cold day.

Dalbello's are a high volume boot with a fairly cushy liner that will packout over time. I think you really need to shell fit the boot without the liner and determine if you have 1finger or 1.5 fingers behind your heel while standing in the boot with your toes light touching in the front. This is the shell size you will want in this boot. If you're street shoe is a 9.5, I'd suggest that you shell size a 26.5 boot in this model. I'm assuming from your comments regarding the arch support under the footbed that the boot guy set up for you, you do not have a cistom footbed and will be using the stock footbed. That being the case the 26.5 boot and the 26 are the same shell, with the difference being the 26 boot has a foot bed that takes up a little more room.

Dalbellos can often be purchased at decent discount. Ebay usually has a good selection, too, but you really need to confirm and know your shell size before buying boots on Ebay.

I wouldn't buy a Dalbello the same size as my street shoe. I think you'll be surprised when you try a size smaller and see that they fit.
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Forget the Dalbello's

Nordica Speed Machine14!!!

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He did a shell fit, and there was maybe 1.5 fingers worth, at most. It is certainly snugger all around, albeit not painfull. The tips of the toes are slightly tight, which assume would clear up after a few days. The salesperson also said if I purchased them, to break them in a couple of days, and then come back for the liner heating. Will also try a size smaller, if I decide to go this route.

With my current boot, I did replace the stock Salomon footbed with a stock Superfeet model, with much hapiness. The arch support the salesman added to the Dalbello was on the footboard, which is under the liner. It was not part of the footbed. Don't see any reason that would affect a future decision to use a custom footbed, if needed. BTW, my original post was wrong in indicating the pieces were added to the footbed. Sorry for the confusion.

I did look around the net a bit, and didn't see the Supersports that much cheaper. The only ones on E-bay, which seemed to be sold by a reputable outfit, were only $20 cheaper than the local hill. I would rather support my local shop, especially since most of the minor fit issues are covered in the original purchase price.


I tried one of the Speedmachines, although I don't know which one. It was painful after one full lap of the store, and the buckles weren't that tight. Yes, that one too had been shell fit, and is seemed correct. The issue wasn't length. I simply took it as it wasn't the right boot for me.:

Thank you both for taking the time to reply.

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I have a narrow ankle and tried on every boot until I found Salomon Equipe, about 7-8 years ago. I bought 2 pair specifically because they had a buckle right on the ankle. Now that I need new ones I see that only the Dalbello have the ankle buckle. Not knowing much about the company I was wondering if they deliver high perforformance. I do not race but ski aggressively in bumps so i prefer a stiff boot with soft forward flex.
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