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lengths for volkles

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I'm an intermediate skier who stands 5'10" and weights 165 lbs, I"m intrested in either a pair of Volkle 4* or energy 380's, but not sure of the best length. Also is there a big difference in these skis? Any ideas? Thanks.
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You want the 168cm or 161cm 4Star (depending on where and how you ski). It is a more versitle ski than the 380, and also has a better construction with the microcell encapsulated stringers. The 380 is just a microcell construction.

Also in the US the "e" on the end of Volkl is not needed.
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I'm intermediate, 5'11", 160#. I demoed the AC2 (different Volkl) at 170cm and found it very easy to manage. I'd like to try 177 before buying.
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I am a lightweight skier at 150lbs and 5'11" and ski the 4* in a 161. However I do now think that a 168 would give some added versatility and perhaps more stability at speed. but the 161 is more snappy I suppose. I wouldnt go above a 168 for the 4*. I ski almost entirely on groomers though.
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I am 170lb and 5foot 8 ish and ski the four star in 168. It is a ski that will suit a very broad range of ability. Carves well, good in bumps as its not too stiff, gets a bit wobbly when you go quick, just keep it on edge. Copes with fresh power up to 8 inches ok, in fact better than I expected. Only not so good point is it gets deflected by heavy snow and crud. Tune seems to has a big effect with grip on hard packed stuff, (much more than my dynaster carves 63's) I keep mine really sharp and take them to a shop who knows how to tune volkls, and don't detune the tips and tails, if you do all the bite at the start of the turn vanishes.
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