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the forward thing

Sonja sonja

What we are really striving for is a "centered " stance which, because our playing surface is a slope, requires some stance adjustments. All of your stuff is good. What YOU are fast learning is that a good stance on skis is not so easy for beginners, and it takes quite a while. Observe skiers who seem to ski OK and take a look at their stances. You will be suprised how many of them are in the back seat. Once I rode up the lift with an ex- Canadian National ski team member. He noticed my instructor uniform and commented that none of the skiers he observed from the lift were standing in the center of their skis, adding that he hoped I always paid attention to stance when I was teaching.

Here is something that helps people improve, I've found. As soon as they can link a wedge turn with some confidence, have them do a lot of stepping in the last third of the turn, or just in a traverse if necessary. Easy terrain, of course.Stepping ( and hopping) kinda forces them to get the hips up over the feet. Lots of repetitions of this trains the body to stand better on skis. Good luck.