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Anyone been to Whitetail lately?

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Thinking of heading up tomorrow, but it's been so mild lately and thinking next weekend may be better.
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Don't know if Monday morning qualifies as "lately", but conditions were excellent that day. We were concerned about Sunday's rain, but temps stayed warm enough that things didn't ice over, yet cold enough for some great hard snow in the morning. Far Side in particular was perfect for aggressive carving (I was really getting locked into my new 1100 SW's!)Things softened up a little bit by the time we left at about noon, but crowds were thin so the snow was still great. Really couldn't have asked for a better early season day.
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It'll be ok until about noon, and then it'll be slop.
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Were there any moguls to be had? I guess I'm more concerned w/skiing in the rain (forecast @ tomorrow) versus wet or sloppy snow. I haven't been out yet this season and I'm jonesing to rip some turns!
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There's probably moguls on Exhibition. Good luck this weekend though, with it being a Holiday weekend all the yahoos will be out. Keep the peripheral vision sharp!
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I was there today and conditions were VERY loose granular. Very much like late season conditions. Coverage was extremely thin in many places. Near the bottom of Bold Decision I ran over an unexposed rock and almost went head over heals. I now have a 3 inch 2 mm deep gouge in my new AC2's.

The snow report shows a base of 16 to 32 inches. I would love to find out where there measuring because that can only be smack dab in the center of the trail. Many of the trail have caution markers because the ground is exposed.

With a holiday weekend and rain in the forecast, they will be starting from near scratch for 2006.

By the way they are still charging full ticket prices despite the conditions. 47 for a 4hr flex or 51 for 8hr flex. I would advise to save your $$$ or bring your rock skis.
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I'm glad I didn't go today then. Hopefully things will improve by next weekend, although the forecast is more mild weather.
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iwas at whitetail 2x this week, tuesday, and thursday, tuesday was best but i was only there in the morning while it was still hard, thursday morning was nice on the expert runs, but it turned to slop around noon, went to lunch around 1, came back out and the sun was down on the blacks, so they got nice, in some areas, minimal coverage, especailly on far side and bold decision in the middle, but exhibition's moguls were very nice in the middle, outrageous prices though, i got a nice ticket deal through a friend
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Whitetail was poor this evening. They need to put down a lot of snow to improve conditions. Right now it's just a base of ice with some ice grains on top. They started blowing snow around 5p today and every blower was going when I left at 9p.
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I stopped by yesterday afternoon to check out conditions... was hoping that it would be decent for demo days. Coverage was decent overall, but the surface was like a sno-cone... I thought it was prety bad.

Hopefully they made enough snow last night, but I didn't think it would be worth the effor to demo skis...
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I skied there all day yesterday. Personally, I thought conditions were pretty good considering the mild temps we've had.
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WT Report 1-8-06

Skied WT yestersday (& Friday) and they were in pretty good shape. After two nights of blowing snow the surface looked, well.......more like snow than a snowcone. They had groomed everything, except Exhibition. The bumps are starting to grow quite nicely on Exhibition. I didn't notice any barespots on Sunday. Hopefully they can last through the next warm spell.
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New to DC area

Hi All,

Maybe I need to start a new thread for this one, but I just moved to MD from Boston and I'm dieing to get on the snow down here. I’m headed back up to K-Mart in two weeks (skis are still in Boston) and will be bringing back my gear after that. What are the best mtn's to head to for day trips or weekend trips. From what I've gathered WV (specifically snowshoe) is the place to go, but that is pretty far from where I am (bethesda/potomac). I’ve also heard whitetail and seven springs - What are the "better" mountains in PA - I'm willing to settle for anything I can get to in under 3.5 hours for day trips and longer for weekend trips. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Whitetail and Liberty are the closest. Head up I-70 to Whitetail or MD 15 for Liberty. Whitetail is my choice.

For expert terrain Blue Knob wins hands down. Snowmaking is slow but improving.Very good natural cover will get you expert glades. Take I 270/70 to PA turnpike west to I 99 north to Pavia and follow the signs. Tell us if you think Extrovert is as steep as Outer Limits.

Seven Springs has the best snowmaking in the region, over 200 acres in coverage and they can make it fast. You'll find some intermediate pitch glades and a lot os cruising with a few upper intermediate pitched dedicated bump runs.

Maybe Coach can tell youi about Roundtop.

I'd pick Timberline in Davis WV over Snowshoe.

Keep an eye in the meet-on-the-hill forum for regional get togethers.
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Thanks for the info - I'll do that as I don't know anyone around here that skis/rides. My first trip to PA will be 28th/29th of Jan - I'll keep an eye out for meetings and just may post - If anyone is interested in going then I'd be more then happy to meet up for the day/weekend if the snow is good.

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I second Blue Knob for the terrain... nice tree skiing. For some reason it always seems really cold.

Snowshoe is definitely the best in the area, but its a trip through some twisty roads.

Whitetail and Liberty are good day trips.

Welcome to the area!
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Snowshoe is a destination resort. They get a lot of natural, plus they have 1500' of vertical. Think lots of crowds, terrain, expensive lodging, resturants, shops, expensive lift tickets, etc. (4-5hrs, depending on weather). It's like Stratton, VT, but WV style.

Timberline has the best tree skiing around, plus they get a lot of natural, snow, and their lift ticket is reasonable. (3hrs)

WT, Lib, & Rt are for day trips. Expensive lift tickets. (1.5hrs)

Seven Springs is also a destination resort. Lots of terrain, but its a horizontal mtn, with very little vertical. Their lift tickets are reasonable. (3hrs).

I've never skied Blue Knob, but I hear they have some great terrain, when they have a lot of natural.

Check out www.dcski.com for more MidAtlantic skiing info.
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sphinx - welcome to the area! Personally, I like to hit Whitetail for the day. More vertical than Liberty and Roundtop, and it's also a bit closer (especially when compared to Roundtop).

For weekends and such 7 Springs, Snowshoe, and Blue Knob are all great choices. See you on the slopes.
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Thanks for the welcomes and info everyone. It seems I’ll have a few options on the weekends I don’t go back to NE to ski. I’ll probably post to the meet-on-the-hill forum when I’m headed to PA or WV and see if anyone is interested in skiing the day. Once I have my gear down here I’ll be going every weekend I don’t go back up north. Thanks again.
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Anyone have an idea what to expect this weekend? Just don't know if it would be worth a trip. I'd stick to the morning, skiing 'til 12:00.
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Checkout the webcams... 60 degrees in the area doesn't help things...

My guess is they will get a chance to make snow in the tonight and during the evenings over the weekend. Might have some decent conditions in the mornings.
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