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Rossi Bandit construction

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I'm thinking about buying the Bandit XX to compliment a pair of bump skis. I demo'd the Bandit recently and loved its crud, powder, and long turn performance.

Does anyone know what the construction of this ski is? I know it's got a cap in the front and standard laminate in the rear but I can't find anything about the core or any layers under the cap.

Any metal in this ski? Foam under the cap? The Rossi website seems to think the only important construction is the cap/standard mix.


PS. Any comments on the XX from anyone who skied it would be appreciated as well. I'll search the archives for posts too.

Ack! Thought of another question after I posted this:
Any recommendation on length? I demo'd the 184 and it felt fine (I'm 5'6", 170, mainly make short turns in the fall line) but I've read that people like to ski this ski a bit longer than most midfats.<FONT size="1">

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KevinH- Boy I drilled so many skis this season I can't remember, but I think the Bandit XX does have metal in them. Look on the ski in the boot area somewhere. usually you see a drill size. it will have a circle with a slash thruogh it before or after the number. If the number is 4.1 and NOT 3.0 or 3.5 it then has metal. Usually this is a good indication of metal present. They want you to use the larger drill bit size and tap threads into the holes.
I haven't skied them, but a guy who worked at our store had a pair of those and/or XXX's. he says the softer skis tend to curve too much in the powder and thereby slowing you down. The XX's and XXX's are stiffer and bust right through without a decrease in speed. This is what he said. What I've heard they are a fine ski.
Ask Powderjunkie. He has a pair of XX's. Hopefully he and I are meeting at Timberline this Sunday. It would be nice if you could make it too. Mikla is going to try to make it if he can.

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Metal - Yes, one layer
Core - Just about all Rossi's are foam anymore.
Good skis? - I think so. Skied them for a season and a half. Sold them and bought a pair of 188 Bigs. A bit wider, but more stable on the groomed (more metal and wood core).
Unless you can get a killer deal, you might want to look at next season's XX. It has a 110-74-100 sidecut...something like a 16-mm measurement. The are also putting a variable stiffness metal layer running the length of all the Bandit's, next season. They should be better.
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