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Help!, need some info

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Sorry for the long post as its my first here. A little background, I've been skiing for 23 years (I'm 27 now) and have pretty much been an exclusive Rossignol rider up until now. Unfortunately due to school and work I haven't been out for the last 4 years, major bummer! My last season I rode a pair of standard skinny planks and since then ski technology has progressed quite a ways. I plan on getting back out there later this season and wanted a new pair of skis. I found a pair of Atomic Smart Zones which looked pretty good to me but everything I have found on them leads me to believe they are a 2002 model (they're orange). So here's my questions:

1) Is the Smart Zone a good enough ski to hold up to some abuse?, and if not

2) What is a good, reasonably priced, all mountain twin tip ski and binding combo (similar in shape to a Stomp or smart zone etc.) that will last me a few seasons?

I ride hard when I do make it out and I'm about 5'10", 160 lbs. I don't mind getting last years model but I don't know if I want to get the older smart zones as I can't find reviews on them. Any info appreciated.

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Realskiers.com will have reviews on them, and on other skis going back as far as 1999.
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