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Volkl Superspeed - Questions

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Hey I demo'd a bunch of boards, but didn't spend time on this ski. So as it works out there are some great prices on these. I realize these are more wide open groomer ski's, but anyone take a pair off-piste or into any bumps? Just wondering how they would behave as an all mountain ski... I'm going to try and demo a pair before I buy, but thought I'd ask for thoughts/opinions. Thanks!
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Fun ski that's guarenteed to get you in trouble. Loves speed & the wide open but can be turned in tight quarters if you initiate the turn on the tips. I'm 5' 11", 180# and ski them in a 175cm. At that length I haven't gotten near the skis speed limit & I live where you can really let loose. They can be maneuvered through moguls but you need to be very precise. They are decent in a few inches of heavy powder or crud and fine in even deeper light powder. Because of their range I've gone back to a two ski quiver.

Last year the reviewers raved about this ski but its been supplanted by the Allstars which is why you can find deals.
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Very much of a G.S. feel. Smooth damp and very powerful. I've skied them in a bit of shallow crud and they were great. I havn't tried 'em in bumps but know someone who has. I haven't asked him how he liked them because he hasn't landed yet.

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To what are you comparing them? What else have you skied? What are you looking for them to do?
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Comparing them to:
Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel
Volkl AllStars
Volkl AC3

I want an all mountain ski that can run all out, can carve, can deal with crud and some powder, and can work in bumps. I thought the Top Fuel could do this (did demo it), but can't find one for any type of decent price. Liked the AllStar, but in 168 it seemed a bit touchy at speed.
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Do you prefer longer or shorter turns? Higher or lower speeds? Bumps? Powder?
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I guess I prefer speed and longer turns, but with the ability to do a slower tree or bump run. The big difference is my last few pairs of ski's are really GS types and that suits my typical ski style but when I demo'd ski's I noted how well some do short turns (AllStar and to a lesser extent the Top Fuel). It would be nice to have a pair that does short turns well and excel in bumps and off-piste, but also has a fast top end and all that.

I realize I may be after two sets of boards here (or more), but trying to find one that fits the bill. Thanks for the replies!
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I think that you'll find the Superspeeds less inclined to handle the short turns and bumps than the other skis you tried. My brief review of it is here. You can compare it to my thoughts on the Hot Rod and others here. For completeness, here are the rest of my reviews for this year.
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The fact that the SuperSpeeds can make short turns and ski bumps doesn't make it at all a fun ski to do that with comparatively. The ski is a flat out tank and it skis like one.

My review of the ski would go something like, "If my head was on fire and the only way I could put it out was to get to the bottom of the hill as fast as I could, the SuperSpeed would be the ski I would grab to get there."

You might try the Dynastar Legend 8000. Its an 80mm, 19m turn radius ski but due to the light feeling nature of the Dynastars many people review it well in the bumps and trees. They don't feel anything at all like a Volkl though.
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Like 'em, but lots of better stuff for bumps/trees

I have 175 SS. I'm 6'1", 170#s, 42 y/o, level 8.

Groomers/hardpack? No speed limit I've found. Really bring a smile to your face.
Crud/death cookies? Super-stable. Excellent.
3-6" fresh? Had better, but basically fine.

10-12" fresh? Dunno, got 'em late last year. Hoping to sample Kirkwood on Monday. Not expecting miracles though.

Bumps? Doable, but work due to stiffness (2 sheets of metal). Will toss you if you're in back seat.
Trees? Doable, but again, work.

Summary: I wouldn't trade 'em for the Allstars, but might want to add something like a Dynastar 8000/8800 or the AC4s for variety. If you're only in the bumps/trees a little bit, then they're fine.

If you're looking for something relaxing to take everywhere, forget the Superspeeds because they require a lot of energy to make the most of them.
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I guess I'm the only one that actually likes the Superspeed in moguls. The reason being the tail on the Superspeed doesn't have as much sidecut as other skis with a 70mm waist. This allows me to release the tail from a carve and skid it around when necessary. True, they are unforgiving in moguls because of their stiffness but so are most of the other upper-end carving skis.
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True re: tail

Rio - I agree that the SSpeeds are not as bad in the bumps as I'd expected. I find that I can skarve just fine. However, I wouldn't recommend taking them down the West Face of KT-22 more than once or twice a day...
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So I demo'd the Superspeeds and last years 6stars at Lutsen Moutain, MN. It's the probably the best Midwest skiing and there was great snow (some powder in the trees) and temps around 30. Myself - 175lbs, 34 years old, level 8 skier that is athletic.

First the 6stars in 175. Skied on these more then half the day. Really liked, with my only complaint that the edges were not as sharp as I like. I usually tune my own ski's and these were just o.k. They skied light powder fine (4-5 inches) and were not bad in icy bumps. I actually like the 6star in 175 better then I liked my Allstar demo in 168. I think the 175 Allstar maybe the ski I'm looking for (I realize the Allstar and the 6 are different ski’s but are still fairly similar).

Next the Superspeeds in 168. I would have liked these in a 175 but the 168 was all they had... These are 'tanks' even in 168. They wanted to plow through the snow and would carve really nicely. The guy who set me up said they were his favorite ski, but I think he skis 'em a lot at Lutsen as they shined on fast groomers. These were a little squirrelly feeling at speed and I might attribute that to the length (I felt the same way about the Allstar in 168) and they also didn’t like powder as much as the 6 star (which is a slightly skinnier ski). Finally they could ski the moguls just fine, but admittedly were a bit of work.

Thanks for the replies to my post. I think I may be looking for a pair of Allstars (or 6stars) in 175.
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