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The Northwest Avalanche Center is waxing rhapsodic again:


It’s three days before the end of the year,
And recent snows have changed gloom to cheer...
With more on the way spirits are soaring-
For the weather ahead will be anything but boring.

After a quick time of drying, the westerlies arrive,
And tonight and Friday should shift park to drive;
Heavy snow, high winds, we’ll break but not bend,
Just need to get through a brief warming trend.

The easterly flow will help near the crest,
And will minimize the rain as that’s for the best,
As we close the year and start out 06,
The weekend ahead looks snowy and brisk...

So enjoy these storms and the ones next week,
But stay aware of the danger and don’t slide down the peak-
Keep checking for clues wherever you go,
For it’s hard to enjoy if you’re under the snow.