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I know that's a broad title, but I'm basically looking for some used powder skis. On my last trip out to Alta, I demoed Salomon Guns, Rossi B4s, Volkl AC4 and Goode . I know these are all high end skis and probably dont need something as fat as the Guns.

I currently own a pair of Ross Bandit X 172. These are great on the groomed runs, but I've just been exposed to my first taste of powder at Alta and demoing the powder skis made a big difference. But I couldnt really tell the difference between all the powder skis that much, as I was concentrating more on not falling . I'm not smooth yet.

So, if you have an old powder ski in your quiver that you're looking to offload, let me know. Im hoping to practice more on powder this season with some used skis and buy something nice for next season. Something around 165 cm or less. I'm 5'11", 165 lbs. Im looking for something shorter, as I'm still turning a lot on the powder to slow down, instead of just zipping along, that's for next season.