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Need: Silkweight top, zip neck, form fitting, wicking

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Just got back from the Patagonia store and was disappointed in their silkweight Capaline offerings. The Large was too billowey and the Medium's arms were too short (but fit well otherwise). I also wanted a zipper neck, but I would have bought the top if it did fit better.

So can somebody recommend a silkweight type of base layer which:
* has a Zip-neck
* wicks moisture well
* doesn't provide a lot of warmth
* maybe a ski specific type of deal, but something I can also wear under my wind jacket when I'm cycling or running.
* something which looks acceptable to wear around the lodge when I shed my mid-weight fleece (my current silkweight muscle tank is *sorely* lacking in this catagory)
* i don't need a compression fit, but I don't want a really blousey top either.
* Try to keep it under $40. (the Patagonia stuff is around $34)

So who besides Patagonia offers silkweight type of base layer?

Off topic: i used to be a Large at Patagonia for ages, yet when I bought my Primo jacket last year I moved to a Medium. The Large Capaline crewneck silkweight could have fit me if I gained around 20-30 pounds, probably more. In my unscientific opinion, Patagonia is cutting their clothes larger in recent years
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Hot Chillys Bio Silver
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I definitely agree with Scalce on the Hot Chillys stuff. I absolutely swear by mine.

You could check out the MTF ME Chamois Zip-T (HC9912): http://www.hotchillys.com/dw_pages/mechamois.html

Or the MTF ME Brushed Zip-T (HC9858) which I have: http://www.hotchillys.com/dw_pages/meorigbrush.html

There's more Zip-Ts that are lighter weight also (since you're looking for something lighter) - check out the MTF3000 AM series too.

The Hot Chillys garments hold their shape, don't smell, and are incredible warm for their weight.
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thanks guys. I've checked out the Hot Chillys website and find it very confusing. (they don't have pictures of any of the garments, and there are around 20 different catagories like "Salsa Micro Elite" which give no indication as to what garments are included in that catagory) I can't even find any information on the bio-silver product recommended above.

Anyway, of the above recommendations, are they very lightweight, like a silkweight?

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I have one of these tops and love it:
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I'll see your Hot Chillys and your Rossi (pretty good stuff btw)

and raise you one Craft Zip Mock Neck.

(PS it beats the, um, pants off Duofold for wicking)
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Is it just me or

has anyone else noticed that Outlast technology is kind of falling by the wayside?
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what about Vapor Wick, which was the fabric used on a similar silkweight crewneck from the North Face store.
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I like a line from Mountain Equipment Co-op. I find the women's (well, actually, the youth's) version of this very comfy:

http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_d... 1135958462343

That price is in Canadian dollars. You'll have to join the co-op to buy things (I think it's $5 Cdn, but I might be wrong), but MEC is a great place. Not sure what the rules are for delivery.
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Where do you live? Is there an LL Bean outlet nearby?

I have been buying LL Bean Polartec underwear zip-T shirts in the light-weight variety (they also have medium and expedition weights). I like it becuase it's super light and thin, and can serve as an inner or outer layer (in fact, sometimes I wear them as both an inner and outer!). Don't know the material, but it's one of the moisture wicking poly blends (not polypropylene).

Anyways, they normally cost $30, but my local LL Bean outlet in Williamsburg VA has a bunch of them for $10. In fact, I need to remember to go by there and get more, because it's a bargain at that price. They're navy blue, with the mock-turtle neck, zipper, and (optional-use) thumb holes in the long sleeves. The back length is perfect for tucking in.
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