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Help - Breckenridge Stay

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Thanks to lots of wise advice from bears we're staying at Beaver Run Resort from Jan 10 - been trying to phone them up from Aus (3x so far and phone costs are mounting), but always switched through to answering services. Wondering if you guys can help us out again:

Beaver Run confirmation documentation suggests no parkign for "oversized vehicles, RVs, trailers (on site)". Were thinking of hiring a "standard SUV" from Dollar at Den airport, thinking it would be helpful if weather turned bad on drives including to Vail.
1. Do you reckon you need a SUV anyway?
2. Is it clear that SUVs can't aprk in Beaver Run (does it cost anyway?)
3. Is there free overnight parking aroudn Breck that you can bus to anyway?

Your help much appreciated as always
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No, no, and yes, but it's very difficult to find. The ice arena used to allow it, but they may not any more.
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I stayed once overnite at a place in Breck, it was just off the hill, and there were plenty of suv's in the underground lot. Route 70 in the mountains is better in a larger suv in my opinion because with alot of people or weight in a smaller vehicle once you lose your momentum you are relegated to the slow lane and are easy prey to get stuck behind an even slower moving truck. If you can fit all your people/gear into a smaller vehicle go for it. Either way I think your gonna have a blast. If I had to go smaller, I would go for a Subaru outback as a good smaller vehicle.
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Parking an SUV at Beaver Run will not be a problem and parking is free(according to their website) http://www.beaverrun.com/resort.php/BEAVER_RUN/CCM_100

The wife and I will be there 8-14 Jan and if you would like to ski or have a drink then send us a PM(private message).
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Originally Posted by vinn
No, no, and yes, but it's very difficult to find. The ice arena used to allow it, but they may not any more.
The ice rink lot charges $5 per night per passenger vehicle. You need to have a parking permit, which you can get at the Town Hall.
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Check the weather. Been to Breck several times midwinter in an economy car (Dodge Neon or similar) and did I-70(the CDOT keeps the interstate clear) from DIA without a hitch. BUT, if there is a winter storm then things could get hairy. I couldn't imagine that the place would not let you park a standard SUV (Cherokee, Blazer, Explorer) but I am not familiar with Beaver Run Policies.
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I have nothing to add other than that I will be staying at Beaver Run beginning on January 10th as well.
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Parking's not a problem

Hi there,

I've stayed at Beaver Run twice in the past, once with a Chevy Blazer and once with an Isuzu Trooper - no bother either time and parking was free for guests. In any case, once you're there it's ski in/ski out and there was a free bus into town so the car will probably not be used much.

As for whether you need an SUV, I've been to Breck 5 or 6 times and I'm hiring a regular car this year (arriving 12 Jan). As kdskis2 says, the highway is usually kept really clear and once you're in town, if it snows hard you ski at Breck and go to Copper another day :-)

Maybe we'll get to meet up? PM me if you'd like to.


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