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Cottonwood Canyons questions

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Never skied the resorts in the cottonwood canyons, planning to fly into SLC and rent a 4wd car. Should I just stay in Sandy right off of I-15? Is there another place to stay that is closer (besides the lodges at the base)? Is there anywhere fun to get a beer in or near Sandy/Midvale? Assume a snowy day, how much time does the drive take from Sandy?

Thanks very much.
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The cities at the base of LCC/BCC are very much suburbia of SLC. They have the charm of a strip mall. The upside to that is cheap lodging/dining. For any sort of evening entertainment, you will have to make it to downtown SLC or Park City. Getting to to resorts all depends how close you are to the mouths of BCC/LCC. My work is just off State Street in Sandy and I can get to the Alta Guard lot (upper lot) within 20 minutes. When a big dump hits, avoid the line ups at LCC and head for BCC, or PC if both are closed.

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