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1st Trip West (Park City) - Advice Needed

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I’m new to the board, but have been looking at it for a while – Great stuff here. I have used the search function, but have not found anything specific to what I’m about to ask. I want to experience some of the terrain in Park City (Jupiter and McConkey’s bowls, etc.) that I can’t experience here in NJ.

I picked up skiing again last year after an 8 year break. I’ve scheduled my first ski trip out west for Feb to Pak City. After some trips last year, I would consider myself at this point either a level strong level 6 or level 7 skier on the terrain I’m used to out east (i.e., strong intermediate). I’ve skied Mt. Snow, Waterville Valley and (unfortunately) a ton at Vernon Valley/Great Gorge/Mountain Creek over the years. I’m comfortable linking parallel turns on all the black trails I skied and tend to ski mostly black stuff when I go. But, I am not used to variable snow conditions (unless eastern ice counts). Also, I’m not great in bumps.

I do ski fairly aggressively and am open to challenging myself. Are the bowls at PCMR a possibility for me based on my abilities as described?

Also, I have Volkl 4*s - will these work ok for me out there?
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I'm sure you'll do fine and have a great time. Definitely take it easy at first -- altitude adjustment alone will be against you. There are plenty of great and challenging blue trails at PCMR in the mid-mountain area, with some blacks mixed in. I would start by skiing the blues and then transition into the blacks as you feel comfortable. You can ski easier sections of a couple of the bowls and hopefully some of the locals will chime in on that.

When I skied there in 98, it was a combination of packed powder and some fresh powder (10-12" fell overnight several times!). I had old-school long straight skis back then and still had a blast. I am sure the 4-stars will be just fine -- I have skied powder on similar carve-focused skis and do just fine. Obviously, a mid-fat ski might give you more flexibility, but I wouldn't run out and buy them if you're generally happy with the four-stars. I honestly think powder skiing is 90% technique and the skis might affect that last 10%. If you're new to real powder, you'll have plenty to work on regardless of what's underfoot.

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Hi Dave, when in February will you be there?

If you take a look on the Meet on the Hill section...

You'll see a couple of threads near the top about the 2006 Gathering, which will be in PCMR, and that area. If you are around that weekend, join in!
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I grew up in NJ skiing Vernon Valley/Great Gorge...

Park City is a great place for your first trip out west. You probably want to plan on taking a little time to get used to the place. If you have typical conditions out west, and you ski typical conditions in NJ you may have to get used to actually skiing on snow You might also be happily surprised at how big the place is. You'll have no trouble finding enjoyable terrain.

If there are no snowboarders in your group you might also enjoy a day at Deer Valley. Fun, fast groomers; good food; no snowboarders... what's not to like?
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Thanks for the responses. I.m looking forward to the trip.

I'll miss the gathering by a day - we arrive 2/8.

Yes, skiing snow will be a welcome change. I am travelling with a boarder, so no DV.
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