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Hi All

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Hi everyone. I've been distracted for a while on other projects but wanted to poke my head in to say happy holidays and happy new year -- hope everyone is getting a lot of skiing in!

With the new forums and the huge number of "users online" every time I peek, this place looks busier than ever. I love seeing that.
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who are you and why are you acting like you own this place or something?:

hope all's well with ye, AC.
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Happy New Year, AC. It's nice to know you still check in. Your house keeps getting more and more use. I haven't said it yet but Dave and Steve have done a nice job of tidying up the place. All in all, it still feels like home.
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Happy holidays AC, good to see you !
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And best wishes for a great 2006!
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AC, good to see you. We still need to make those turns sometime...
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AC, thanks for the well wishes and a BIG thanks for providing and staffing the most excelent site. Happy New Year

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wuddup, yo.
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AC, Happy New Year!
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AC! Long time!

The site and the events all seem to be cooking along famously. The ESA Eastern Weekend was a blast!

Hope you'll be visiting us in person some time soon!

Happy New Year!
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It's great that you are checking in. Best wishes for a lot of great snow in the coming New Year and good luck with all your other projects.
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: AC, sounds familiar.......just can't place it.....then again I don't remember the day before yesterday.......

Your community is still thriving, although each year gets a little fuzzier remembering names, heh heh. Stop in and banter once in a while when you can! The new members won't know you! :
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I looked it up in Science Digest and now I'm real confused.

DC was replaced by AC .... this place is back asswards!
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(sorry, someone had to say it!)

Good to see you back.
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Hello AC!
Happy to see you stil pop from time to time!
Happy New Year to you and everybody else!!!
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Originally Posted by Yuki
I looked it up in Science Digest and now I'm real confused.

DC was replaced by AC .... this place is back asswards!
I thought it was bass ackwards!
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Happy New Year, AC...

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Feliz Año Nuevo

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"dirty deeds"
"done dirt cheap"
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AC welcome back, it is great to hear our founder is still about. At one point I saw your name on the list of attendees for the Gathering, looking forward to meeting you in person - assuming you are still coming.
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Happy New Year AC.
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