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Atomic new-old-stock; what did I buy?

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I picked up a pair of 150cm Atomic SL 9'16; these are new-old-stock. The ski is provided flat and includes a yet-to-be-installed Atomic factory (race?) plate.

The ski will be used by my 135Lbs Daughter who is a college CO-ED in Vermont. This is a second pair of skis; her primary ski is the Fischer Big Stix 7.2. My Daughter spent many years on a pair of asymmetrical 170cm Atomic Betarace 9.22 Jr. skis that she loved and did very well on. But I digress.

Well, the ski arrived and I'm very pleased . The length is 150cm and the sidecut is 105-62-94mm. It has the yet-to-be-installed raceplate with metal inserts for the binding fasteners, the base is blue, not black. The flex feels soft, about the same as an 160cm '05 GS:9 and softer than the 170cm Betarace 9.22 Jr. skis she had been using. I think she will be good on these, as she also has a midfat for soft-snow and spring conditions.

The ski is a contradiction however. 9"16 graphics and sidecut with a retail Atomic label that reads; "B Race 9.16 HC SL38 O.P.1/2"; "A027328" & "150 330853555" are printed directly on the tail of the ski. "Hyper carbon" and "Power Channels Titanium" are printed ahead of the binding. The 150cm length, blue bases and raceplate make this a rare ski, but it looks more "retail" than "race" at this point.

What did I buy : ? Is this a good ski for freeskiing?


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I don't think its a recent model SL:9 as the sidecut has been roughly 115-65-105 for quite a while.

Judging from the sidecut specs it sounds like the 2001 BetaRace 9.16.
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Well my evaluation concludes that I have a 150cm retail SL 9'16 with the normal 105-62-94mm sidecut. The raceplate with the metal inserts throws me; did all the 9'16 use this type of plate?

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The blue base and metal inserts tell me it was probably a race stock ski, possibly the "Europa Cup" version. Given the fact that it's a 150cm length, I doubt it is much stiffer than the consumer version, although I could be wrong.

I loved my 160cm 9.16s (race stock) and they were great for groomer cruising and quick turns in the fall line. They rip, and ski much like the current generation of cross skis.
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I really liked my 9.16s (170) for cruising and all-purpose in the east.
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