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Wolf Creek

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The snow missed us again down here in the lower Sangre De Cristos, but Wolf Creek got dusted with a couple of inches. I'm going to head up there today for the New Year's weekend. Hopefully they get a bit more while I am up there. Happy New Years everyone.
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Woo-hoo! If their webcam is true, it is snowing up in Wolf Creek right now. I need some pow-pow to ring in the New Year.:
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I'm actually headin to summit co for the weekend, but please please please post a followup and let us know how wolfcreek is doin!

From what I've seen in the weather it looked like they were having about the same drought we've had in sf/taos and I wasn't terribly excited about the 4 hr drive for the mediocre-ish conditions... If they've got the snow now though, I'm there until we got better coverage down there =)

have a great weekend!
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