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New Pilot system mounting q.

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I have my scream extra hots ready to be mounted up (no puns please). The new pilot system is super simple....errr so we all thought. Do you have to drill out the hole a little? I'm assuming you don't just force the screw in, but then again maybe I'm wrong...the hole isn't threaded though.

I like the old ones better so far...
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Sorry, can't help with that binding.

If you need to ask how a binding needs to be mounted, then take it to the shop.
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I'm curious also. Got the same ski but have not really looked at it too carefully yet.

And thanks for the helpfull tip BetaRacer, who would have ever thought that a shop might know!
Seriously these binding should mount with no need of the shop.
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Definantely is not a binding that you need a shop tech for....it's bloody simple.

Trouthead; you're saying your screws are a bit large as well...i'm wondering if salomon has some weird bit that only shops have that would thread that hole.

so close but yet so far away.
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Originally posted by BetaRacer:
If you need to ask how a binding needs to be mounted, then take it to the shop.
Even with a "simple" Pilot binding.
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ktrubin & Trouthead,

Why ask when they are so simple? Just mount them up and call it good. If you doubt yourselves, then take them to the shop, and have some recourse if something is not proper. If you attempt to mount yourselves and screw up and damage the skis, you're screwed.
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You're obviously not a proponent of Darwinism! Leave them to it, but let me know what resorts they'll be in, so I can avoid skiing near them.

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Sarcasim breeds sarcasim!!!

These should be a very simple binding to mount. I have been out of town since last week, but tonight ot tomorrow I will look at mine carefully and see what is up.. My best guess is that the screw is self taping and will just cut its own threads.

And to Wear the fox hat, I don't mind if you stay away from my home mt. (JH) My guess is that anyone who can post over 5000 times to this forum surfs more than skis. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Trout- That's my guess too. Try and track you down if I don't see a response here soon...if that's okay.

WTFH- You're probably right. You should probably stay away from me. I mean, I'm only a level II that's been skiing for 20 years....LOOK OUT!!

You generally add value to this forum...... :
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Taking the computer out of my vehicle vs six or eight screws is a big jump. Go look at any of the pilot systems and you will see it is just screwing things together. No drilling, no measuring etc.

The assumption that only a shop can mount skis with simple bindings is absurd. This will be my third set of skis with the pilot system, and I have succesfully mounted all of the previos models. The first generation even came with directions although any idiot could figure it out in ten seconds.

If my ski boots were not 150 miles away I would have mounted them up last night, I found a spare ten minutes.

Having started skiing in the cable binding era (1965) I have seen plenty of shop screw ups. The wrong length screw into the p-tex, pilot holes drilled all the way through. Pilot holes drilled too large, binding mounted too far forward or backward, or off to one side.

Yup this is critical stuff, screwing bindings to skis, but it is not rocket science.

Mostly we are just FTD here. I should have kept my big mouth shut and not rose to the bait. [img]redface.gif[/img] Perhaps someone will chime in with some real knowledge, rather than this useless (though entertaining) back and forth.

Have a nice season. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I think we are in kinda agreement, but just talking from different sides.
My car analogy is based on the essential nature of the component - the binding mount and the car computer are both key elements to the machine.

The idea that only a shop should mount bindings is excessive, but if someone doesn't know how to do the job, then a shop is where it will be done properly by someone who does know how to do it.
In the initial posts, there was no mention of the ability to mount bindings, or knowledge of it.

Is it better for me to tell someone how to do a job, then if it is not done properly, they blame me, or should I not first of all be cautious, and give them sound advice that will produce a safe, working result? (I'm not meaning that as a jibe at you, just trying to explain my post)

Now, next time you've got a few minutes spare, but don't have your boots handy, do a snow dance!!!

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Here is where I get puzzled. You have a question which asks for assistance in mounting a very simple pre-drilled binding. Someone gives a recomendation and then you slag them for it. Then you say you've previously mounted the same type. Mount them up then for #$%@ sake! Why the shop let them out the door unmounted is another question entirely. They could have plopped them on right away.

Though implied, I never wrote that a shop should mount them. It was written that the skis should be taken to a shop. There you would find the info (reading a service/installation manual or talking to a technician) on how it should be done. I have seen some improperly mounted gear, though it is less frequent now from true ski shops (the mega sport shops are the biggest problem). By refering you elsewhere, I am covering my ass from any resposibility in case something goes wrong. You are American. Americans don't accept blame. Americans litigate extensively. The legal costs within the entire ski indusry are high enough. All we need is some self proclaimed expert suing everyone because they did something (wrong) when advised not to. (Not saying you will, but there is a risk associated with it).

It really doesn't matter how long you've skied for. My dad started in the (19)40's (not his 40's) and though he can get down the mountain well enough, his technical skills (though we tried to teach and help him) are not that good. Then you have one of my junior athletes who has less than 10 years experience and can carve down a race course limited only by strength and size, and then hit the terrain park and huck huge multi axis tricks. I wouldn't trust either with mounting or tuning my skis though.

[ September 30, 2003, 09:21 AM: Message edited by: BetaRacer ]
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Originally posted by Trouthead:
... My best guess is ...
This kinda sums it up. You may be an examiner for all I know, but when your suggestion on how to fit one of the most crucial parts of ski equipment is just a "guess" then it's time you go to a shop.
(Oh, and yes, I am not a level 2 instructor, but I used to work in a shop, and know what can happen to skis when someone unqualified starts working on them)
If you buy a new car and something goes wrong with the electronics, do you say "I've been driving for 20 years, so I'll just take the computer out of the car and fix it myself, or do you go to a shop, or at least get a professional maunal?

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Originally posted by BetaRacer:
Here is where I get puzzled. You have a question which asks for assistance in mounting a very simple pre-drilled binding.

You are American. Americans don't accept blame. Americans litigate extensively. The legal costs within the entire ski indusry are high enough.
You're correct, it is a very simple pre-driled binding. You are also right in saying that I've mounted a version of this system before. Notice the subject name NEW Pilot bindings. Perhaps those of you bashing myself and trout should read a little yourselves...they've changed it a little and all I want to know is if the screws are self tapping or not, it's not a hard question, I just don't know the answer to it. I worked for a shop up until last January, mounted hundreds of "old" pilot system bindings but I'm in a place where there is no salomon shop at this point and can't ask this "simple" question to someone who knows something about the new system. I thought maybe someone here would, but instead I've found a buncha pre concluding ignorant people that usually are helpful, but decide not be be (for whatever reason) at this point.

Oh, and since when did this become a nationality debate? :
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Well for the first time on EpicSki, I can honestly say I got no help what so ever. Beta alludes to knowing how to mount them but won't say cause he is afraid someone might sue him. Not bloody likely from Wyoming to BC. WTFH used to work in a shop but he won't say. etc,etc,etc,.

All this (and I haven't helped either) and the real simple question was is the screw a self taping screw or not.

I guess we all should know, but we are not quite sure, and don't feel like screwing up a screw hole just to find out. I would ask a ski shop, as I have no problems admitting some ignorance, but the nearest is 150 miles away and I'd rather not call.

Anyhow thanks to all for the entertainment, and thanks to no one for any true help.

Guess I expected more from my past experiences.

Someone out there knows the answer or where to find it on the net. Wish they would let us poor ignorant folk know the answer.
Maybe when we are closer to ski season someone will pipe up with the answer.

I'm done with this topic. :
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